In Mage: The Ascension, the Technocratic Union (or Technocracy) is a world- wide conspiracy that employs a technological paradigm to pursue an agenda. Back in ye olden days, otherwise known as the Mage: the Dark Ages spin-off, the Daedalans of the Order of. The Technocracy is likewise divided into groups; unlike the Traditions, however, they share a single paradigm, and.

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Too small or specialized to join the Conventions and technocract disliking or outright opposing the Technocrats, the Independent Crafts tehnocracy to band together to form a power block of their own. The closer their magic is to consensual physics, the easier it is for your average person to rationalize, the less chance Paradox is invoked.

Masses of Sleepers embraced the gifts of early Technology and the Science that accompanied them. Views Read Edit View history. This sphere deals with dilating, slowing, stopping or traveling through time.

It is important to note that the Technocracy’s own account of history does not square techhnocracy history as told by the Traditions. This is just a question of informational curiosity about Mage fans: With the Technocracy representing Stasis and the Marauders acting on behalf of Dynamismthe third part of this trifecta is Entropyas borne by the Nephandi.

Kung fu Buddhist wizards. So, hopefully, they set out to visit the Ivory Tower itself, the heart of the Technocracy. The nine traditions are: They attracted their share of emo roleplayers and Vampire: I’ve also seen forums put a lot more effort into justifying the Technocracy’s views than the Traditions’–probably because they are fechnocracy most recently-developed faction.

Said technologies, however, techoncracy NOT work in the hands of a non-Awakened, such as a nanobot-rich healing canister that would be used by a Progenitor easily. Very few mages, but they’re one of the only societies in the series where mages or really supernaturals of any sort work side by side with ordinary humans as equals.

Conversely, I do think that people who like the Traditions but hate the Technocracy are a minority; but so are those who hate the Traditions and like the Technocracy. Interestingly, traveling to the past is harder than going to the future because the past is already set in stone while the future has yet to be determined.

Technocrcy of an idea-mine than an actual module Actually using magic in the moment is a game of artful bullshit. Mages who believed in proto-scientific theories banded together under the banner of the Order of Reasondeclaring their aim technocrac to create a safe world with Man as its ruler. Used to have a bunch of horrible eugenics and transhuman types, but after discovering them collaborating with Nazis and Nephandi during the Second World War, they purged that division, and are today some of the chillest, most bro-tier Technocrats Help Contact Us Go to top.


They can even create a small universe by gathering pure Quintessence, and essentially becoming the god of that universe. The rules are often criticized for being simultaneously OP as shit in crossover games yechnocracy he or she gets to about Arete 3, an individual mage of equivalent “level” will, one-on-one, reliably curb stomp any other supernatural in the oWoD gameline if they can get the first shot off, and can, depending on the opponent, give whole teams of other types of PC a run for technoctacy moneyfrustrating to manage virtually anything can be too “cool” to avoid Msge in public, and the rules aren’t great at examining different levels of “acceptance”and possessed of intensely, artificially complex mechanics For those of you not up on your game design, complexity and depth are two different things.

Essentially, the World of Darkness is fatally flawed by nature, and in order to fix anything, it is first necessary to end everything. IMO, since M20 is tecynocracy “official canon” and metaplot out back and burying them, there’s no pre-determined way to interpret any of Mage’s big groups.

The Dreamspeakers represent old-tyme tribal magic from indigenous peoples throughout the world.

Originally posted by Five Eyes View Post. Technoocracy Technocracy was founded on a central philosophy known as the Precepts of Damian. For example, using the Matter sphere with Prime basically allows you to make objects out of pure energy like a Green Lantern. Early mages cultivated their magical beliefs alone or in small groups, generally conforming to and influencing the belief systems of their societies.

In response, non-scientific mages banded together to form the Council of Nine Traditions where mages of all the major magical paths gathered.

Eventually, though, mages belonging to the Order of Hermes and the Messianic Voices attained great influence over European society.

If Mage was real, I would almost certainly be a Technocrat, simply because of my personal morality and ideology.

Unlike most of White Wolf’s World of Darkness gamelines, Mage centered not on stereotypical horror movie monsters mostlybut on the force of “magic” and the various people who practice it, from mad scientists to angry druids to stereotypical old men in beards and pointy hats, all of whom can do cool stuff technocrach punching reality in the balls. They also, as has tecynocracy noted, have designated “I like science but I’m not sure I like telling people what’s good for them” factions.

Is the Technocracy more popular than the Council of Nine in the fandom? – Onyx Path Forums

While someone who believes themselves a hermetic mage may chant in Latin and have specially prepared ritual circles, the nun example above would have her rosary beads and meaningful passages from the Bible to make her magic. Two different flavors of gechnocracy crazy. And, finally, when the Avatar Storm hits the physical world and people start Awakening en-masse, things boil over.


Most Magi’s paradigms differ substantially from the consensus. They can flip over cars with mate kicks and their super-special martial art, which is called Do, Japanese for “the Way,” both the suffix of every martial arts ever and a reference to Taoism, the basis of their magic. For example, an alchemical paradigm might describe the act of wood burning as the wood “releasing its essence of elemental Fire,” while modern science would describe fire as “combustion resulting from a complex chemical reaction.

From there, the Euthanoi technocraacy the Realm of Entrophy to Voormas, choosing to believe that he can be beaten rather than kill the world outright to stop him.

Mage: The Ascension

Remember, Prime works best with other Spheres. Like other storytelling games Mage emphasizes personal creativity and that fechnocracy the game’s powers and traits should be used to tell a satisfying story. Given that Onyx Path has also switched to PoD and PDFs, you can’t necessarily even compare new books to old books- it’s possible one old book might have been way under-printed and would have sold more copies if there had technocraacy any, or it’s possible it was overstocked and those books lingered in the bottom shelves of FLGSs for mmage.

Many beings, such as changelings and ‘bygones’ mythic beasts such as dragonsmanticoresand harpieswill simply cease to exist if the world stops believing in them. And they can alter the effects of other spells.

The Oblivion and Changeling: And if your players are running to the “Generally Unplayable Role-Play System” to get away from the rules, that’s how you can tell you’ve got a special level of rough on your hands. Yeah, can you tell that the development team was full of hippies yet? Well, apart from the inherent potential for yiffthis sphere is really pretty cool and you can do manly stuff with it.

Actually playing RPGs, as we know, is techhnocracy lot of technocravy. In practice, this conflict is a cold warand the Technocracy has had far more success in proving to the Masses that supernatural beings do not exist rather than eliminating them. One mabe is that we haven’t had any official books arguing for the Traditions since the line was ended about 10 years ago, while the Technocracy has had 4 new great books out recently filled with arguments about their rightness. The Rogue Council only made itself known through coded missives, while Panopticon was apparently created by the leaders of the Technocracy to counter it.