“The Hitchhiking Game” (“Falešný autostop”), from the second book, is a case in point. Here in miniature one finds Kundera’s characteristic philosophical. In Milan Kundera’s short story ”The Hitchhiking Game,” a young couple, on vacation, spontaneously find themselves engaged in a fantasy ”game,” in which. The “Game,” which begins playfully, turns out to have dire consequences in irrevocably A psychological thriller based on the short story by Milan Kundera.

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Classic stories like this one never gets old.

The horror does not end as the story does with the ironic statement, “There were still thirteen days’ vacation before them. During this time, Czechoslovakia, under Communist rule, first enjoyed a period of democratic reform, and then suffered invasion and occupation by Soviet troupes.

She was standing facing him in a defiant pose with insolent sensuality in her eyes.

This didn’t happen too often; she had a quite hitcjhiking job in an unpleasant environment, hitchhiklng hours of overtime without compensatory leisure and, at home, a sick mother. Soon, a sports car pulls over, the male driver opening the door to accept the beautiful hitchhiker.

The girl, when she found herself alone, also threw off her role. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The hitchhiking game that the two play, in which the young man and hitchgiking pretend to be strangers, is initially exciting to them, allowing the couple to re-experience the initial attraction, desire, and exhiliration of falling in love, or as Fromm would put it, becoming intimate with a stranger and confusing sudden closeness with the act of loving.

And so holding his glass in his raised handhe corrected his toast: Edit Storyline The Hitchhiking Game is based on a short story by Milan Kundera about two young lovers who begin a road trip together through the desert.

The Hitchhiking Game () – IMDb

The young man called the waiter and paid. Socialist realism as a literary standard requires that a story or poem support the principles of Marxism within a realistic setting.


The first free elections in 45 years were held inand in the last Soviet troupes withdrew from Czechoslovakia. Nov 23, Krista Baetiong Tungol rated it it was amazing Shelves: This role is easy for him to assume, for he has in fact had many such relations with women.

He had intercourse with her.

The couple stop for gas, the girl gets out and walks to the woods, but instead of returning to the car she walks down the highway. The top was scarcely three feet square and one leg was a little bit shorter than the others so that standing on it the girl felt unsteady. Shalla de Guzman www.

Then he got up and said to the girl, “We’re going. In the girl sitting beside him he valued precisely what, until now, he had met with least in women: In return, he teases her about charming another man into giving her a ride to the last station.

Watch the Top Trailers of The young man feels that he is losing the girl, as she no longer is the idealized version that he has sought to incorporate.

The Hitchhiking Game

The girl slipped into this silly, romantic part with an ease that astonished her and held her spellbound. Here in miniature one finds Kundera’s characteristic philosophical playfulness, classically precise antiromantic style, and the theme and variation approach that the author inherited from his father, a musician and musicologist.

Books by Milan Kundera. Only when alone was she able to hold on to it.

Symbiotic Love in “The Hitchhiking Game” by Milan Kundera

She enjoys this new sense of freedom, but fairly soon, the man is visibly put off by her change in behavior. In the beginning of the hitchhking, she is shy and embarrassed about her body, and is full of sexual inhibitions. She was hitchihking artful seductress, cleverly knowing how to use her charms. The girl also complains about his allowing the car to run out of gas.

But, once having seen her as a sexual woman, he hates her, and dreads the next 13 days of their vacation together. Joke rated it really liked it Jun 16, Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. The impression that certain outlines delineated her as an individual was only a delusion to which the other person, the one who was looking, was subject — namely himself. Focuses particularly on his view that the humor of the Czech writer Franz Kafka has been overlooked. This role was a complete contradiction of the young man’s habitually solicitous approach to the girl.


This means that the narrator is not a character in the story but is not necessarily omnipotent in its perspective. He saw before him only the beautiful, alien body of his own girl, whom he hated.

The hitchhiking game by Milan Kundera

Her old fears that had kept her inside her shell and prevented her from owning herself and her sexuality? The mind-body dualism that troubles the girl suggests that the story is a variation on the familiar Descartean theme of cogito ergo sum, revised here to “I play, therefore I am.

She is extremely jealous of other women, because she knows that the young man has had many casual sexual relationships with women. If the road they take from the city to the mountains suggests their desire to escape their official selves not only by vacationing but by vacating their usual roles as worker and as daughter, then their turning from the plot of their usual game offers them a new but also disconcerting and even dangerous freedom not only from scrutiny and shame two sides of the same coin but from themselves as well.

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