Show content of Kuka KRC1 programming manual %Kuka KRC1 programming manual % from thread %Programowanie robotów Kuka i . Manual traversing of the robot. 55 Jog override (manual traversing velocity). 61 KCP (KUKA Control Panel) hand programming unit. KUKA KRC1 PROGRAMMING MANUAL SMVLPIMPCZ | PDF | | 24 Aug, TABLE OF KUKA KRC1 PROGRAMMING MANUAL.

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The geometry of the arc is defined, as always, by means of start, manal and destination points. Each box element represents one line in the contents of the future FOLD. The preset KRL variable name can be altered. A technology file must first be created and then saved in the directory c: You can quit the program or selected submenu immediately at any time by pressing the ” ESC”key.

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In the case of a jointed-arm robot with 6 axes, all 6 robot joint angles must therefore be entered in order to define the position and orientation unambiguously see Fig. Advance run pointer Fig. For more information, refer to the documentation on the calibration of tools. The active color is permanently displayed at the bottom left of the window.

The relational operators refer to these numbers. The second column specifies the file from which the kcr1 for the curve have been read. S The values of an aggregate can be simple constants or themselves aggregates.

The instruction WAIT automatically stops the advance run, but does nothing else: The result always has the data type of the operand on the far right see Tab. You must now G specify a password rkc1 the new user level G and define the user level that is to be active after the system has been started.

The name of the script that is to be executed krd1 releasing the ” Minus”key can be entered here. The name of the script that is to be executed after pressing the softkey ” TouchUp”can be entered here.


A variable is represented by a name in the program, this designation being freely juka subject to certain restrictions. The possible results of the various logical operations are shown in Tab.

These are derived from the translational distance of each coordinate value from the coordinate origin see Fig. The value 3 makes the status key usable in operating modes T1 and T2.

When the program is executed, the variable is kanual represented by a memory location place and a memory content value.

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G Now save the configuration by pressing the softkey ” Save” then activate the data re, cording process by means of the softkey ” Start”. In order to carry out approximation, a computer advance run must be set.

Blue More detailed information about the curves can be found in the upper part of the display. Any boolean expression can be used in an assignment to a krc11 flag.

KRC1 Programming Manual English

It is permissible to access the same analog interface or to define the same variable in both statements. The timer variable concerned can be reset at any time using a normal value assignment, e.

R symbol on the right, kkrc1 select from the options offered. CA In addition to the intermediate and destination positions it is also possible to program a circular angle using the option CA Circular Angle.

Axis 5 is now at approx. If such a data object is declared under a name by the programmer, a variable is created. If you press the softkey ” Touch Up” the current position of the robot system is saved. When the softkey ” Zoom”is pressed, a white cross about five millimeters high appears in the middle of the window. The left bar vertical shows values which, when multiplied by the scale of the display, represent the value of a curve at a point in time that is shown below on the time axis horizontal.

The screen is printed on the current default printer of the operating system.

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When declaring variables and arrays of a predefined data type, the keyword DECL mnual be omitted. This results in the following representations, for example: G Kuuka expressions are evaluated in the order of their priority. Others, however, are of relevance to the robot only e. If the variable has also been initialized in the data list, its current value is also retained permanently.


An instruction sequence could thus look like this: Value The value can be a variable or an output signal name. The complete syntax for cyclically reading an analog input is: The name of the script that is to be executed after holding down the ” Minus”key can be entered here. The refresh rate of the KCP’ LCD display is not s high enough, however, for you to be able to see all the values consecutively.

To do this, the framework of the FOLD in which your data are to be entered must be defined as follows: INI in the directory C: Information on how to integrate technologies into the overall system can be found in Chapter 1.

First of all, a new data type meeting these requirements must be created: The user has no claim to these functions, however, in the case of a replacement or service work.

manyal When the robot has reached the programmed path, the motion is stopped and the program can be continued by pressing the Start key again. The efficacy with which the robot can process the application program, rkc1 not only motions, but also arithmetic and peripheral-controlling instructions, is, along with the robot dynamics, of major significance in this respect. G Select the option ” Start by user, recording until buffer is full”as the trigger condition.

Move the cursor to a file having the end digit 1. Restrictions of this nature are checked by the controller.