Kimpa Vita also called Dona Beatriz continued the resistance against the Portuguese slave traders. Prophetess Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz) (circa – ). Kimpa Vita (circa July 2, ), whose baptized name was Dona Beatriz, founded a religious sect known as the Antonians. The goal of this movement was . Vita kimpa was born in in the village called songololo, in the town of Bakongo at the time when the country was the Kingdom of Kongo Dia Ntotela.

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Three days later, he jimpa had not returned and the villages decided to continue with the burial but on the way to the burial site Vita Kimpa rose up and asked them what they were doing! When she had been resuscitated she believed that she now spoke with the voice of the patron saint of Kongo, and also incidentally the patron saint of Portugal, St.

At the time when the Kongo was dominated by political unrest and civil war.

Also, it is common knowledge that the Kongolese did not convert to Catholicism until more recent history. On the other hand, the Kongos were also unable to invade Angola, as they were repelled there also, first in and again in when the famous Battle of Ivta was fought on the border between the two domains of Angola and Kongo.

Mama Vita Kimpa became very popular, and people followed her everywhere she went. It would have been an independent church as we see all over Africa now. Did it make a difference that he did? Kongos were pretty sure, I think, that God was an African and their pride also gradually placed stories in Africa, so in this way Beatriz was confirming what people believed or wanted to believe. She was tried under Kongo law as a witch and a heretic, with the consent and counsel of the Capuchin friars Bernardo da Gallo and Lorenzo da Lucca.

Her first prediction was that God would punish the Kongo. During the colonial period roughly to in that area the Portuguese tried very hard to replace indigenous languages with Portuguese and to erase African culture in a systematic way, especially after Holding the city was in effect restoring the kingdom and presumably ending the civil war. The traditionalist went on to link modern religious movements through the descent of this mother.


First, I noticed that he gave dates in his account, but he stated them in French. The kingdom of Kongo now a part of modern Angola and Congothe wealthiest and most powerful state in the Atlantic region of Central Africa during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, began to dissolve in the seventeenth century under internal and external pressures. She had direct revelation from God on her side, she died every Friday and spent each weekend in Heaven conferring with the Heavenly Father about the affairs of Kongo and so what she got there was pretty much undeniable.

She lost this round, mostly for political reasons and not theological ones. She died when she was When fasting for long durations of time, days, her body would begin to decompose until her spirit returned and her body would be restored.

Kimpa Vita (Dona Beatriz)

Anthony entered her body and took over her life. He had some interesting things to say. The location of Mama Vita Kimpa was submitted by an informant to the Portuguese. Likewise, he mentioned the names of the missionaries and the Christian names of Kongo kings in French also. Kimpa Vita is seen as an antislavery figure and is known as a prefigure to modern African democracy movements. We are more than our bodies.

A number of the top contenders also were vkta tempted or became her followers. Kimpa Vita vocally opposed such ideas kompa turned them upside down. But, all of that I underline up, constitute a simple historic critic.

Personal elaboration around a few set facts is a common point of oral tradition, and thus explaining things one receives from tradition or even from books can be expanded this way. The idea of a Catholic Kongo was reinforced when Kongo made an alliance with the Dutch. She announced that she would return as a man in future and build a huge Church independent of Rome.

For All Black People. She led thousands of her people to rebuild and repopulate Mbanza Kongo, the capital of the once glorious unified Kingdom of Kongo. The goal of this movement was to restore the fortunes of the once glorious kingdom of Kongo and to Africanize Christianity. The 17th century gave birth to an icon called Kimpa Vita Dona Beatriz.

Vita Kimpa could only have remained in power if she had remained the capital with Pedro Constantinho da silva and his forces would have been enough to protect her and fend off the inevitable attacks that the other two primary contenders would have mounted. It must be taught by those who are of African descent, through an Afrocentric paradigm and perspective. While in this state, she learned that Kongo must reunite under a new king, for the civil wars that had plagued Kongo since the battle of Mbwila in had angered Christ.


According to Kimpa Vita, Saint Anthony became incarnate in her body so that she actually was the saint. This brutal execution did not have the effect, which the Catholic community hoped for. You can feel and hear that pride even now.

» Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita, the Kongolese Saint Anthony

Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. We also know that the movement had very strong bases in the southwest part of Kongo, in lands belonging the the Kimpanzu faction that had been headed by Suzanna de Nobrega.

Thornton, author of The Kongolese Saint Anthony: When the news reached the colonialists that Vita Kimpa had gone into the forest with the intention of choosing a King, they decided it was time to kill her.

Some were imprisoned and beaten daily for their convictions. This threatened the influence of the Catholic Church amongst the African people.

Has there been a reclamation or rediscovery of her in the postcolonial period? She seems to have had spiritual gifts even as a youth, and had dreams of playing with angels and visions and the like. The elders replied that they thought she was dead. As a means of recapturing the minds of the people, her captives demonised her stating that she was commiting evil works.

Arrested with a baby, whom she claimed had been conceived with her guardian angel, Kimpa Vita was tried for crimes against the crown and the Christian faith. She healed people, and was able to make sterile women conceive.

The candidates then had to fast vitx 40 days. He encouraged people to pray to God through Jesus Christ, interpreted as a common ancestor and mediator. Kimpa Vita claimed all this had been divulged to her by God.