– Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online . Kolossal Killer by Kenton Knepper is one of my all time favorite effects in magic. At any time, you can have a random spectator name any card. Search. Home · March 25, | Author: ronald | Category: N/A.

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No you don’t have 52 cards hidden away somewhere. He destroys with it all the time. Best, Drew “The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. I am only guessing, but I would say that, being the original Kolossal Killer was in manuscript form, this is a video version for those that don’t want to read the pamphlet version.

Featured Specials test All products. View our magic tricks index. Kenton goes deeply in the psychology of this routine in the original manuscript https: But, as I said, it’s an OK trick. If not, I will probably pass on this one and defer to some of the prior comments.

Magic Tricks

All in all, I think I would return this if penguin allowed returns. Glad a classic like this is getting some dust knocked off it for the kids to see.

The selection of performance moments also suggests that there are no outcomes other kentin direct hits. There are so any other prediction effects that do not need outs that I will never use this. Killer has been performed on television, stages all over the world, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in bars and living rooms – all to staggering effect.


In other words, it was not a good as advertised. It just disappoints me when I see deceiving trailers and deceptively worded descriptions. This guides us to the right questions to ask. But, I will say that in most scenarios you do not end clean leaving you with audience management issues and hecklers that want to examine things they just can’t examine. They show you the full uncut trailer after you purchase it and I was confused at first because I thought it was a different effect.

The Other Brothers Kentonism by Kenton Knepper. Feel free to contact us. Where It Has To. Marked Cards reviews. Watch the spectator gasp in amazement! I used to do it as an invisisble card type routine in cabaret. A self-promoting sleight of hand artist who thinks he is the cat’s meow. Otherwise, you have to use one of the outs which they do not show you in the trailer. I have bought numerous things from penguin and have been practicing magic for 18 years.

BCE Loyal user Posts. I can’t address the elephant in the room on this effect because it will give the method away. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for!

They only showed the ones he was right. Personally I have to do some creative thinking before I’m to comfortable with it. Curious if this download goes into details on the best kinds of wallet for this effect? After having them name their card, you can easily prove that you have correctly read their mind when you pull out a single card from your ungaffed wallet.


After having them name their card, you can easily prove that you have correctly read their mind when you pull out a single card from your ungaffed wallet.

Its effect and method are legendary. If Mark Elsdon’s version uses any form of equivoque, I’m not interested.

Forever more you will have a truly ground-breaking reputation maker, not “up your sleeve”, but in your own wallet. Would that be impressive? Penguin should be ashamed.

The Perfect Kolossal Killer Wallet — The Kaylor Option

PM for beard tips. Will put my findings on maybe tromorrow after watching it. This stunner couldn’t be easier or more diabolical. Penguin, to its credit, allows readers to ask questions before purchasing a trick.

Kolossal Killer (Original) by Kenton Knepper DRM Protected Ebook Download

Feel free to contact us. Spectators just NAME a playing card, and you have the correct card in your wallet! Read our privacy policy. The problem is, the statement is not true in a majority of instances. See a site map. You can put one envelope on the table and start the effect.