MAJJHIMA NIKĀYA III 2. 9. Kāyagatāsatisuttaṃ () Mindfulness established in the Body. I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in the monastery. A Study of the Kayagatasati Sutta and Related Texts Concerning Buddhist Meditation Practice By Meas Savoeun (Sumedho) A Thesis Submitted in Partial. A new series on Kayagatasati Sutta during One Day Retreats was started at Nissaranavanaya monastery by Ven. Panadure Chandaratana.

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What we take for self katagatasati only ndma and rupa which arise and fall away. It gets completely free from errors such as unevenness, graininess, etc.

And all should be defined separately and successfully as follows: These two items related not only to wholesome or unwholesome actions and thoughts in our present lives, but to the distinguished characters and predisposition of sentient beings as well remained in the previous existence. It was also mentioned that the Elder gave them the item of thirty-two parts of the physical body by advising that: Proceed to the legacy version of SuttaCentral.

As strenuously preceding the insight practice, one begins to realize and see only the ultimate aspects of constant disappearance of nama-rupa in five aggregates of existence, but not their origination, then he is said to gain the knowledge of dissolution bhahga-nana. Some based on their evil deeds are subject to be reborn in the lower worlds of existence apdyabhumi. This is the main problem causing them to be reborn again and again for a long samsdra, the round of countless rebirths and deaths, nothing happy and pleasurable but just suffering.

Likewise, the upper set of teeth.

In the same way, a mendicant examines their own body, whatever its placement or posture, according to the elements: Rupupdddnakkhandha Corporeality group consisting of 28 rupas. Therefore, one may separately contemplate upon each of these sections by reciting word by word, that is to say, from the first to the last and from the last to the first.


The heat that of fever daha-tejo 4. But for a person with dominance in buddhi-carita is ready to leam from the good people, the wise and generous people mindfully and attentively with virtuous actions. For the brief method, regarding the four great elements, it is given in the Mahasatipatthana Sutta ‘ and for the detailed method it is given in the respective discourses as already mentioned above certain discourses, i. By means of daily practice, it is very useful at all times.

Kayagatasati Sutta කායගතාසති සූත්‍රය

And it had been dead for one, two, or three days, bloated, livid, and festering. His assistance and kindness have been very much appreciated indeed.

The distracted mind as suta mind, 9. When one of these characteristics is realized clearly in terms of pure insight, one achieves detachment from dukkha, the big suffering of life, and by its true practice leads one to the total liberation, Nibbana.

He should repeatedly develop their processes again and again until they could observe all the thirty-two parts simultaneously. Recollection of the Buddha the Enlightened One Gantha scripture study or bookand He also will be able to stop the arising of the entire mass of ill, such as: As on level ground, on the four crossroads, stands a carriage yoked to thoroughbreds, ready with whip and reins.

The mind affected by hate as mind affected by hate, 4.

Kayagatasati Sutta – Wikipedia

Nevertheless, Buddhist meditation techniques are comprised of many different types practiced continually by Buddhist followers; it depends on a particular branch of Buddhism, or even a specific master of meditation practice.


Furthermore, a mendicant, giving up pleasure and pain, and ending former happiness and sadness, enters and remains in the fourth absorption, without pleasure or pain, with pure kayqgatasati and mindfulness. By keeping in this way, even if he does not attain the deathless goal in this very life, he is at least bound for a happy destiny. It comes from nowhere and goes nowhere and is borne by the mind.

It is quite applicable to the real practice as well as through any kind of the Buddhist meditations, i.

Both types of caritas are careless and untidy.

Panadure Chandaratana Thero on 05 August However, rarely found in the Pitakas, it is extensively used for exegetical purposes in the Visuddhimagga, main commentaries, and likewise in the sub-commentaries. This can give a firm, strong background and powerful support for both types of meditation to attain the levels of the jhdna absorption by means of kayagatasato meditation, and to attain the stages of insight knowledge by means of insight meditation.

Kayagatasati Sutta

This one thingO monks, if developed and cultivated, leads to great benefit. As a final point, it has been found kayagatassti that is identical with two groups of khandha 73 – the group of rupa the form or material phenomena and the group of nama the mentality or immaterial phenomena. Just as a man with good sight is observing a garland of flowers of thirty-two colors knotted on a single string and also the flower become evident to us simultaneously, so too, when we observe our body thus: