This is the second monograph of the IFSCC, and it deals with the practical rather than the theoretical aspects of stability tests on cosmetic products. The book is. Monograph, Number 2). By International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. The Fundamentals of Stability Testing (Ifscc Monograph, Number 2) By . The Fundamentals of Stability Testing (Ifscc Monograph, Number 2) by International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, February.

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Toggle navigation International cooperation in cosmetic science. Appropriate controls for example, product in glass containers should be used. Ifscv Limits of acceptability Appearance The product must keep itself entire during the whole of the test, maintaining its initial appearance under all the conditions except high temperatures, freezer conditions or cycles in which small alterations are acceptable.

SOFW BÜCHERSHOP – IFSCC Monograph – Analysis of Polymers for Cosmetics

The only global database dedicated to cosmetic science. Colour and odour Must remain stable for irscc least 15 days when exposed to sunlight.

Many Benefactors numbet us they wanted to contribute more substantially to our efforts, so in we launched a new 3-tier Benefactor Programme. Select the List you’d like to categorise as, or add your own. It particularly recommends clear identification of the precise objectives and thoughtful planning of each test so as to achieve major economies of time and effort. Open to Members and non-Members. At selected intervals, samples are evaluated for various physical, chemical and performance characteristics to see if and how they have changed.


Fundamentals of Stability Testing :

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The examples aim to help the nonstatistician and nonexpert to understand and use the techniques described. Home Gardening International Subscriptions.

You May Already Be a Member! Phase behaviour of amphiphile, water, oil system; HLB of amphiphile; solubilization, microemulsions and emulsions; formation, structure and preparation conditions of microemulsions; ultrafine emulsion preparation; control of droplet size; and stability.

The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists is a worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. Newsletter Be the first to know, sign up for our newsletter: Must remain stable for at least 15 days when exposed to sunlight.

Stability Testing

Funds contributed by Benefactors support our high-quality cosmetic science education efforts around nonograph world, and enable us to recognise scientists who make a noteworthy contribution to cosmetic science. General introduction to product evaluation; subjective and objective evaluation; and examples of speciality product testing.


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Fundamentals of Stability Testing

Designed as a laboratory aid to cosmetic scientists who require an overview of product evaluation, the monograph presents a framework, illustrated by examples, of the principles of product evaluation.

Just 20 minutes from Tokyo’s main train station by bullet train, Yokohama is hosting the Congress.

The purpose of stability testing is to ensure that the cosmetic product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality, as well nimber functionality and aesthetics when stored under appropriate conditions. Micelle Press, Incorporated Country of origin: The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience possible. The possibility of the consumers also noticing them must be considered. Microbial contamination; plant sanitation; GMPs and house organisms; preservatives; efficacy test methods and acceptance criteria; cosmetics that counteract conditions caused by micro-organisms; effects on skin physiology; harmonization of test methods; and self-preserving cosmetics.

Evidence that the composition of the product used for stability testing corresponds to the product actually placed on the market; The results of the preservative efficacy study, e.