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Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering Buy IEC ALTERNATING CURRENT STATIC WATT-HOUR METERS FOR ACTIVE ENERGY (CLASSES 1 AND 2) from SAI Global. Figure 1 – IEC Requirements, test conditions and limits for Class1 and 2 meters. Meter testing has until recently been a task of bringing.

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Resistance to voltage overloads: Search all products by. Three-phase kilowatt hour meter Via CT 4 modules up to A. Electric power wattageAlternating current, Clearance distances, Impulse-voltage tests, Wattmeters, Mechanical testing, Performance testing, Electrical testing, Accuracy, Leakage paths, Power measurement electricType testing, Rated frequencies, Marking, Electric terminals, Environmental testing, Test equipment, Testing conditions, Environment workingElectricity supply meters.

EC 6106 integrated with a pulsed output for remote indication or linkage to an energy management system.

3 phase 4 Wire Electronic Pre-paid Watt hour Meter Complies With IEC 61036

Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. Kilowatt hour meters single phase. Message to your colleague. SS-EN Electricity metering equipment a.

Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. SS-EN Telecommunications bonding networks for buildings and other structures. Three-phase Via CT up to A. Blinking LED power consumption indicator: EC, single-phase, basic EC, single-phase, 2 tariffs EC, three-phase, basic EC, three-phase, 2 tariffs In case of 2 tariff levels, the EC and EC will count separately the energy used in tariff 1 and in tariff oec.


The A ALPHA meter includes many standard features that make it a powerful and economical competitor to a basic electronic meter:. IECedition 2.

Elster A MID kWh Polyphase Direct Connected Meter (UK)

Product safety requirements and tests. Three-phase kilowatt hour jec 7 modules direct A. Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy classes 1 and 2. In addition to providing robust 6 kV surge protection, the meter also withstands 12 kV line-to-neutral surges for source impedances greater than 40 ohms.

EC, three-phase, basic EC, three-phase, 2 tariffs In case of 2 tariff levels, the EC will count separately the energy used in tariff 1 and in tariff 2. Your basket is empty. Single phase kwhmeter direct connection up to 32A with pulsed output. French English Written by: These energy measurement inputs allow users to analyse and define ways to optimise their electrical equipment and reduce energy consumption. DIN Part 2 Watthour meters in moulded insulation case without instrument transformers, up to 60 A rated maximum current; principal dimensions for polyphase meters DIN Electricity meters – Part 3: Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories.

The rising energy cost requires users, especially of commercial, institutional and industrial installation, to measure the energy used by individual electrical loads. The new range of KWH meter, EC and EC, provides a simple direct reading of energy consumption in the measured single-phase circuit, from 20mA up to 32A, without the use of current transformer. Applies only to newly manufactured indoor or outdoor static watt-hour meters of accuracy classes 1 and 2, for the measurement of alternating-current electrical active energy of a frequency in the range 45 Hz to 65 Hz and to their type tests only.


Contact us svenska Login. General requirements, tests and test conditions – Metering equipment class indexes A, B and C. Three-phase kwh meter direct A. Click to learn more. No reset Savings of measurement are made regularly and in case of power failure, data will be kept in memory permanently. Your shopping cart is empty. Seventy display quantities can be defined 30 display quantities per display sequenceincluding phased currents, kW and kVAR, or kVA per tariff, overload threshold, maximum demand, time in operation, demand reset count, and error codes.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The standard is now in your shopping cart. With its wide current and voltage range, the A ALPHA meter can be used for various current and voltage ratings, significantly reducing the energy provider’s inventory costs. IEC optical port upgrades available through software and optional hardware. October Replaced By: Contact us Send a request. Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy classes 1 and 2 Article no: General literature Technical literature.