A Study Guide for Stuart Dybek’s “Hot Ice,” excerpted from Gale’s acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary;. Hot Ice by Stuart Dybek, The magic trick: Blending realism with the poetic to create a world of epic beauty “Hot Ice” is the most perfect. A study guide for Stuart Dybek’s Hot Ice, excerpted from Gale’s acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character.

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This honor includes having the book read at high schools and colleges throughout the city in hopes of creating a massive book club spreading across one of the country’s largest metropolitan centers. Nonetheless, they are the voice of cultural memory.

A Study Guide for Stuart Dybek’s “Hot Ice”

Another is the hymn, “Tantum Ergo,” which they hear even as they are walking up the street. But 1 was a city kid—the highest things I’d ever seen in my life were oht skyscrapers in Hoh. As a child, he pretended to be a priest when he was playing in the back yard with the other children, which led to his nickname, Padrecito, or Little Priest. What also matters is that in Dybek’s hands the Polish ethnic self assumes what some may regard as a new identity.

A Study Guide for Stuart Dybek’s “Hot Ice” – Gale, Cengage Learning – Google Books

An ever-narrowing definition of multiculturalism that virtually excludes Eastern Europeans is one. In the following essay, Gladsky explores Dybek’s rendering of ethnicity and cultural and spiritual heritage in his stories.

This exhilaration provided a great counterbalance to the economic stresses and tensions that were such a part of our lives. In a recently published chapbook, The Story of MistDybek begins by wondering what it is “about the belly button that connected it to the Old Country?

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In addition to other issues, Dybek talks about being labeled a “Chicago writer,” despite the fact that he has not lived in Chicago in years. Still, there is much about the environment surrounding Eddie, Manny, and Pancho that hearkens back to a more distant past, particularly to the period just after World War II.

It stretches current reality backwards, rendering for readers a neighborhood that contains vestiges or memories of its own past. Everything is here — nostalgia, mystery, community, isolation, tragedy, comedy, and a bounty of beautiful symbolism.

In finding the girl at the end, and in deciding to facilitate a rescue of her by letting her drift off into the lake a dream of freedom he once had for himself ic, Manny is no longer a loner: Sebastian or Juan de la Cruzbut he also points out that he is a captain, which is a street gang title. There is little that is peaceful, consoling, or even attractive in these memories and experiences, however.

While discussing the characters inhabiting his stories, Dybek says, “I really wanted there to be—even in the midst of the grittier side of life—humor, vitality, a full palate of human emotion.

When Manny visits, he finds that Pancho’s buoyant spirit is gone and that he has lost his faith in his guardian angel. While the neighborhood now is populated mostly by Mexican-Americans, during Dybek’s youth it was a neighborhood in transition. They ran into each other at a bar, then walked over to the jail, where they threw snowballs at the wall.

In the end, he has become as much of a neighborhood legend as the girl frozen in ice. After Pancho disappears, Manny becomes angry dybfk abusive when he goes to the wall of the jail, shouting offensive comments that make the prisoners inside angry enough to chant in unison against him.


‘Hot Ice’ by Stuart Dybek – Short Story Magic Tricks

Symbolism elevates the characters into legend, the plot into fable, and the setting into some kind of magic, heightened reality. Lost In A Good Book. When they start mocking the story of the fybek girl he becomes angry. The palatski man, not dignified with any other name, is a rather frightening and threatening figure at least to the two youngsters in the story.

Here and dybwk we hear about mazurkas, Paderewski, Our Lady of Czestochowa, babushkas, and DPs, a recurring reference to non-native born Americans of Polish descent.

Chicago with its particularized ethnic neighborhoods is a marked presence in their lives.

‘Hot Ice’ by Stuart Dybek

The sounds, smells, and sights of this neighborhood are meticulously rendered. Anne’s, “an old Slavic neighborhood that had become Spanish.

rybek Writer; Literary Translator; Reviewer. Readers can see the members of the community trying to fill in the gap in their knowledge about his fate by grasping at rumors.

Dybek recalls his youth as a “benevolent time. Kuniczak, and others, the Polish experience in American literature becomes demonstrable if not exceptional.

In the words of Rosalie Murphy Baum, “multicultural contact has defeated the ethnic norm. The scene in which the girl in ice is found is itself shrouded in mystery, in unreality.