Cement based re enforcing tile backer boards. Hardie backer is highly water and mould resistant. Hardie Back and Hardie Backer are BBA Approved. Flexural strength: 14 MPa (HardieBacker® ), 12 MPa (HardieBacker® ). Maximum tile weight: kg/m², consult manufacturer’s technical department for . HardieBacker® cement board is a unique, cement based water resistant tile backerboard that can be used on walls, HardieBacker® Cement Board.

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Our average rating is 4. A 3mm gap between the floor and baths, vanities or wall edges should be properly filled with a high quality sealant. Hardie Backer has proprietary formulation which includes high pressure autoclaving.

Hardie Backer Brochure [ Download ].

The Mouldblock technology makes it not only moisture resistant, but also mould resistant, as it has no paper facing that could sustain mould growth. It consists of cement, cellulose, hardeibacker and selected additives, but doesn’t contain asbestos, formaldehyde or gypsum, which can disintegrate when exposed to high levels of moisture.

Cleaning of the applicator is necessary if: Foam gun is manufactured to the highest quality controls and strong construction t. Snap and cut the boards in accordance with the instruction given above. Easy to score and snap. Good for creating a tileable substrate on floors as it’s only hardiebacksr thick, but less useful for walling.

This is a no mesh board which is easy to cut, even in tight spaces. Key Features Water Resistance Mould Resistant Strongest on market Easy to install Application HardieBacker Cement Backerboard should be used anywhere in your home where tile is applied; on floors, walls and even countertops.


6mm Hardie Backer 250 EZ-Grid Cement Board

Protect your home and family The durable cement formulation of HardieBacker Cement Backerboard provides superior water resistance and its proprietary Mouldblock Technology offers additional protection against mould.

In theory it can be used as an overlay on masonry walls, but in reality the at 12mm thick is more useful.

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Hardiebacker Cement Board 6mm – Crown Tiles

This tape helps prevent any movement and should be used to cover all the joints where marmox. A low level of mould spores in your home isn’t abnormal but if left untreated, mould can colonize and release millions of airborne breathable spores. My Basket Super Policed Marfi 60x60cm Particularly suitable for tiling around baths, wetrooms, showers and in kitchens. Uneven Floors hardiebacked guide to hardeibacker perfect levelled floor click here.

Hardiebacker – 0. Sign in or Register. Well made with no variations or imperfections.

Portland Cement, ground sand, cellulose and selected attitives. HardieBacker cement backerboard technical data sheet. Can hold kg m 2 while conventional plasterboards claim to hold up to 32kg m 2. We firmly believe the end goal is a website than can increase sales and contribute to the growth of your company. Basic Tile Backer Board Composition: Hardie Backer – How to Guide [ Download ].


Website created by Extreme Creations. Hardie Backer is highly water and mould resistant. Suitable for vinyl, natural stone and ceramic tiles substrate, especially designed for floors and countertops, though it can be used on masonry walls. View the trust certificate. The boards are further fastened with stainless steel screws, placed mm from the bottom and top edges and 50mm from the right and left ones. Hydro Insulated Tilebacker Board 20mm x mm x.

6mm Hardiebacker 250 Cement Floor Board

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I t is the perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. The boards 6mm thickness helps minimizing transition between floors and can be installed in combination with underfloor heating. The slim-line 6 mm elevation prevents floor build up and minimizes the transition between floors. Sign up My Account My Wishlist. Ceresit Profi cleaner is used for removing fresh foam spots and cleaning the applicator.

It provides the best bonding surface for cement based tile adhesive. Mouldblock Technology protects the job from dangerous mould growth.