Hagen Kleinert (born 15 June ) is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Free University of He also discovered an alternative to Feynman’s time-sliced path integral construction which can be used to solve the path integral formulations. Buy Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, Polymer Physics, and Polymer Physics, and Financial Markets by Hagen Kleinert Paperback $ Buy Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics, Statistics, and Polymer Physics, Hagen Kleinert is Professor of Physics at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany.

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His theory of collective quantum fields [17] and the Hadronization of Quark Theories [18] are prototypes for numerous developments in the theory of condensed matternuclear and elementary particle physics.

Within the quantum field theories of quarks he found the origin [11] of the algebra of Regge residues conjectured by N. Kleinert is a senior member of the faculty for the International Relativistic Astrophysics Ph.

The second is a new nonholonomic mapping principle carrying physical laws in flat spacetime to spacetimes with curvature and torsion, which leads to time-sliced path integrals that are manifestly invariant under parh transformations.

Please help improve it by revising it to be neutral and encyclopedic. This page was last edited on 28 Septemberkleimert A corresponding extension of the large-order perturbation theory now also applies to small orders. Retrieved from ” https: Kleinert earned his doctorate in at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Hagen Kleinert – Wikipedia

Tunneling processes are treated in detail, with applications to the lifetimes of supercurrents, the stability of metastable thermodynamic phases, and the large-order behavior of perturbation expansions. Landau for phase transitions which Kleinert developed in the books on Gauge Fields in Condensed Matter.

Maki he proposed and clarified in a possible icosahedral phase of quasicrystals. Views Read Edit View history.

The powerful Feynman-Kleinert variational approach is explained and developed systematically into a variational perturbation theory which, in contrast to ordinary perturbation theory, produces convergent integraals.

The experimental verification is still missing. In this theory, the statistical properties of fluctuating vortex or defect lines are described as elementary excitations with the help of fields, whose Feynman diagrams are the pictures of the lines. He is married to Dr. Devreeseand K.

University of Hanover University of Colorado, Boulder. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hagen Kleinert

Max Born Prize Majorana Prize Chervyakov, Kleinert developed an extension of hzgen theory of distributions from linear spaces to semigroups by defining their products uniquely in the mathematical theory, only linear combinations are defined. The theory is based on a disorder field theory dual to the order field theory of L.


Account Options Sign in. The solutions have been made possible by two major advances.

He studied physics at the University of Hanover between andand at several American universities including Georgia Institute of Technology pqth, where he learned general relativity as a graduate student from George Gamowone of the fathers of the Big Bang theory. Kleinert’s 60th birthday was honored by a Festschrift and a Festcolloquium with 65 contributions by international colleagues for instance Y.

The convergence is uniform from weak to strong couplings, opening a way to precise evaluations of analytically unsolvable path integrals in the strong-coupling regime where they describe critical phenomena. Annemarie Kleinert since with whom he has a son Michael Kleinert.

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A consistent implementation of this property leads to an extension of the theory of generalized klfinert by defining uniquely products of distributions. This theory inspired Italian artist Laura Pesce to create glass sculptures entitled “world crystal” see also lower left on this page. Free University of Berlin. George Gamow Richard Feynman.

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