Gotrek and Felix are a pair of characters in the Warhammer Fantasy setting who appear in a The novels chronicle the adventures of a Dwarven Slayer named Gotrek Gurnisson and his poet/insurrectionist companion, Felix . Ulrika Magdova is a vampire, formerly a Kislevite noblewoman and Felix’s former love interest. Ulrika Magdova was a major character in the Gotrek and Felix series, as she was appearance in Vampireslayer and return in Manslayer) – Ulrika the Vampire. Vampireslayer (Warhammer: Gotrek and Felix, book 6) by William King – book cover, description, publication history.

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Having committed a crime so terrible that only death in battle will serve as atonement, Gotrek has fought and slain numerous monsters, including hordes of orcs and Skaven, a giant, trolls, Chaos warlords and sorcerers, an entire Black Ark of Naggaroth and even a Bloodthirster of Khorne, and unfortunately in his mind lived to fight another day.

That alone is worth reading this novel. I was a little dissapointed with the vampire character, not completely dull and traditional, but I’ve always found a lot of vampires in fiction to be trite and stale.

I’m not a vampire fan unlike the rest of the world so I really hesitated on reading this, pushing on only because I’m a fan of the series. Jan 19, Bodicainking rated it really liked it. Sep 16, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it really liked it Shelves: Paperbackpages. She also appears in the short story The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnissonin which she temporarily joins forces with Felix to hunt down the villains slayed he mistakenly believes have killed Gotrek.

In other languages Deutsch. Mar 06, Travis Bughi rated it it was ok. To my surprise it was a Warhammer book.

Gotrek & Felix: Vol.2

As shown in Dragonslayerit grants him a shield from a dragon’s fiery breath, as well as providing a powerful confidence when facing such a creature. This book is a little different from other books written by him. Two for use in Tabletop-Games and a larger Collector’s Miniature. In this series of books the duo fight; chaos worshipers, goblin wolf riders, trolls, cultists, beastmen, sorcerers, skaven, a deamon, a dragon, a vampire, giants, men, a wizard, orcs, dark elves, and the undead and a necromancer.

And Dwarfs take oaths very seriously.


Gotrek & Felix: Vol.2 | Book by William King | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

King will spend a whole page describing just how dark and gloomy everything looks, but when he just spent not ten pages ago doing the same thing to the previous place, it gets a bit monotonous. Now Felix travels the world with his Dwarfish companion, finding the truth about just now nasty the world really is, fighting Evil and Chaos at fepix turn, and wondering how the hell he’s going to survive anything that would be tough enough to kill Gotrek long enough to write about it?

A good vampire tale set in the Warhammer world.

Retrieved from ” http: It’s tragic, gruesome, dark, and painted a vivid character of Gotrek as a dwarf who is merciless, and of Felix is compassionate but forgiving, as he goes on with Gotrek afterward. He also begins drinking Ulrika’s blood, slowly bringing her under his dominion. A lot of the hotrek action is missing in this story, replaced by rather arduous and long-winded story ark I won’t go in too deep.

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Gotrek’s axe is as powerful as that wielded by the dwarven High King, Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

Once again a wonderful journey with Gotrek and Felix.


Personal tools Log in Request account. Dwarf slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his sworn human companion Felix Jaeger are beset by a new and terrible foe in their unceasing war against Chaos.

Vamprie, some hints have been revealed over the course of the novels, though the authenticity of these sources is somewhat questionable. Dwarfs characters The Empire characters Special characters. L’histoire est simple mais efficace.

Let give you one really great example of how King has let his writing slid: Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, they encountered Kat again in Shamanslayer many years later, now a woman in felx late twenties and a deadly warrior, driven to kill all beastmen to avenge the murder of her adopted family. Jan 22, Thommy Doombringer rated it it was ok. In the first book, at the very end, Felix is helped by a werewolf girl who is oppressed by her father. The vampire falls for the resident Mary-Sue Ulrika and kidnaps her and ends up turning her, hehehe, so she is a vampire and I hope out of the series forever.


He raises a small army from a nearby graveyard and turns Ulrika into a vampire. But this book really surpassed my expectations, probably because the descriptions and action are so great. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

As well as appearing in the novels they have also been incorporated into the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game appearing initially as special characters in the 4th edition Dwarf army book and then gaining rules as an regiment of renown in the 6th edition of the game. If you’ve been reading Gotrek and Felix novels there is absolutely no reason to stop now.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Taking place years after the events of the Vampire Wars Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred von Carstein’s wars against humanity – it is the story of one of the minor vampire playe Wandering around my used bookstore, I stumbled upon an old paperback from She was daughter to Ivan Straghov, March Warden of the Border, which was the first defense against the forces of the Ruinous Powers descending from the Chaos Wastes in the north.

Another fantastic fantasy story felic the Warhammer Fantasy canon, with an intriguing and unexpected take on vampires mingling with usual slash-and-hack action. To ask other readers questions about Vampireslayerplease sign up. Together they have crushed groups of aggressive mutantsexposed many Chaos cults, fought against several warbands of Orcs and Goblinsand vanquished several hordes of Skavenbesides slaying powerful monsters like Trolls, a Gotrrk, a Bloodthirster and a Giant.

Through all of this Gotrek wonders if he will ever find his doom, Felix wonders if Gotrek’s doom will be the end of him and if he is crazy for standing at the Slayer’s side for as long as it takes.

In the end Ulrika, the countess, Felix, Gotrek and Snorri are left standing. Max swiftly established himself as a powerful ally, and a bitter rival with Felix for Ulrika’s affections. More I want more.