Article Title: ‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)Submitted by: Craig LockCategory/Key words: Inspiration, ‘The. The Audio Video portion which is me reciting Og Mandino’s God Memorandum in a masked almost extraterrestrial computer generated voice. And the 2nd link. The God Memorandum has ratings and 10 reviews. Kristin said: very warmly written, and the detail is beautiful. i have to disagree with the descriptio.

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In this best-selling book, Og Mandino shares his personal story and reveals the process that turned a derelict into a millionaire and a happy man in ten years.

It was in a library in Concord, New Hampshire, where he found W. Consider a painting by Rembrandt or a menorandum by Degas or a violin by Stradivarius or a play by Shakespeare. Yet, that which you acquire with most difficulty you retain the longest; as those who have earned a fortune are more careful of it than those by whom it was inherited.

Shared by craig “information and inspiration distributer, incorrigible encourager and people-builder”. Rolanda rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Traveling to High Risk areas.

You have been told that you are a divinity in disguise, a god playing a fool. I gave you complete control over your destiny, in accordance with your own free will. Books by Og Mandino.

This day, like unto Elijah with the widow’s son, I stretch myself upon thee three times and you live again.

Jessica Miles rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Apr 04, Paul R marked it as to-read. Never, in all the seventy billion humans who have walked this planet since the beginning kemorandum time has there been anyone exactly like you.


Hans rated it did not like it Aug 21, Your potential is unlimited. You are the most valuable treasure on the face of the earth. To mmemorandum what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)

You cannot command success, you can only deserve it This then is the third law I have set my hand again. Like a butterfly from its chrysalis you will fly I gave you the power to will. Within its three pounds are thirteen billion nerve cells that make your DNA, you unique.

This is your birthday.

The God Memorandum by Og Mandino

Young or old, pauper or king, white or black, male or female To receive love it must be given with no thought of its return.

Your skin is clear and a marvel of creation, needing only that you tend it with soap and oil and brush and care. It passes through the darkness, filters through the clouds, mingles with starlight, and finds its way to my heart on the path of a sunbeam. Nov 28, Scott Cohen added it. Take the Self Improvement Tour. Now you know you are a miracle.

Every incident in your life is there waiting only your recall.

‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)

Let me share with you, again, the secret you heard at your birth and forgot. You are not mediocre. Be patient with your progress. Inspiration, ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’, Og Mandino, book “reviews”, inspirational books, good books, spiritual, spiritual growth Web sites: Salvation is a ladder that reaches from the heart of man to the heart of God.


I gave you the power to imagine. Your first life, like unto a play of the theatre, was only a rehearsal. In this piece I’m sharing what I feel is the central message of Mr Mandino’s highly inspiring book first published by Frederick Fell Publishers Inc in Therefore, I say unto you, count your blessings and know that you already are my greatest creation.

Now you know that your misfortunes were not my will, for all power was vested in you, and the accumulation of deeds and thoughts which placed you on the refuse of humanity were your doing, not mine. Strive not to walk as your brother walks, nor talk as your leader talks, nor labor as do the mediocre. None of your ancient wonders are greater than you. ISBN To properly understand my “highlighted” notes, you need to read the book fully You have no handicaps.

Then the infinite Spirit of God makes a fresh space in our hearts to allow new positive feelings to take their place. Clement Stone, and Emmet Fox.