Documents Similar To The Third World War Board Game [GDW] – – Harpoon – Battles of the Third World War. Uploaded by Star Smuggler Eh Rules game of the combined Third World War series of games published by GDW in The F is not used in the combined game per TWW rule 9j. my newest game aquisition, GDW’s classic “The Third World War: Battle The fluidity of the rules along with the wide array of options.

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If the preceding conditions are not present, there is no first round and the second round of air combat is resolved. Air transport missions may be escorted and intercepted by air units.

Third World War Strategic Situation [GDW] |

Pearl Harbor attack Scenario: A few counters are not used: You pay tax for what you get fresh that turn. Don’t forget, I uploaded a consolidated combined game rulebook linked just a couple of posts above that has all the rules in force for our game.

Ground attack missions are flown in any combat phase, before each attack by ground units is resolved. When aborted, the unit may not otherwise move in the phase and may not attack in the following combat phase. If not possible, the unit must continue to retreat one or more hexes following the retreat rules until it reaches a hex in which the stacking limits are not violated.


The defending player chooses the retreat path of his own units within the following restrictions.

How it all pans out is another. Slovenia, a relatively new country, established its independence in You know that there is not a LOT of cities that need to fall or oil wells that need to be captured on face value for the minor win. Click here for Help.

GDW’s Third World War Series

The destination city or airfield must be friendly-controlled at the start of the impulse for units to be air transported there. The flow of air operations is explained in more detail below and in the expanded sequence of play. The line may ru,es enter terrain the unit could not enter using regular movement not including air or naval transport ; it may not enter a wilderness hex except for lines for airmobile units only ; it may not enter a hex in an enemy ZOC unless the hex is occupied by a friendly unit.

List of tables I. Detail Reviews Rules, Errata and Downloads. The complete sequence of all game events is covered in the expanded sequence of play.

The Third World War, Designer Signature Edition – Pre-Orders

Economic cards, including Trade Routes, must be shown during production. Any unit may be moved by air transport see rule 10 or naval transport see rule The game system is clean and easy to learn though not at all simplisticand the scope of the combined game reaches from above the Arctic Circle to the Persian Gulf, all at the divisional scale.


Successful ground attack missions result in odds modifiers.

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Which brings to mind that a solid look at the reinforcements and potential for counter attack ghird to be assessed. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Units may transfer from one theater to the other. Air units may fly missions in or be committed to air superiority to theaters as limited by their range: To order AWAW, go to www. BoxHanford, CA www.

For ease wkrld reference, minor additions from the other games are given below; only for major rules sections do you need to refer to the other games rules booklets.

Number of players 1. See the terrain effects chart.