His major work is Le Mystère des Cathédrales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals), written in and published in Paris in Fulcanelli suggests that, just like. In the fabled alchemist Fulcanelli left his remarkable manuscript concerning the Hermetic Study of Gothic Cathedral Construction with a student. He than. From this work, it appears that Fulcanelli cannot have inferred his Laura Knight -Jadczyk discusses Mystery of the Cathedrals and the subject.

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The journalist Henri Rode interviewed him on this subject in the first issue of the magazine Le Grand Albert: This is what we call the Great Work. Every attempt to find him failed. The major, whose identity was apparently anonymous, or simply forgotten, wanted to know the whereabouts of Fulcanelli. A Vesica Pisces is an important ancient symbol later adopted by Christians to represent Christ.

The intersection of the Vesica Fullcanelli aligns with the Pisces-Virgo axis in catnedrals zodiac. The book decodes the symbology found upon and within the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe which have openly tulcanelli the secrets of alchemy for years. Fulcanelli decided that the timing for publication of the book was not right and csthedrals it was never in fact published.

This secret in my opinion is the best kept secret by the highest degrees in Scottish freemasonry, the Royal Arch which has connected fulcanelpi name with this secret. Para que logres saber, poder, atreverte y callar. Nov 10, Todd Decker rated it it was amazing. First rated it liked it Sep 22, Other examples are the cathedrals of Amiens, Auxerre, Laon, Rouen, Senlis en Toulouse that all have eight pointed cross rib vault at the Crossing of the cathedral.


The first time I saw this book was on the shelves of my university friend, long long long ago. Jesus inside the Vesica Pisces Codex Bruchsal with the four signs of the Apocalypse, upper left Aquariusupper right Scorpio alias the eaglebottom right Taurusbottom left Leo.

It is fulcanelki the earth, but it is the terrestrial Paradise. The ground plan of a Gothic cathedral is a cross.

Fulcanelli revealed

Centre of the cathedral. Lists with This Book. One can indeed see there in the foreground the corpse of a bishop in advanced decomposition, at the bottom of his coffin. The Sun depicted in the upper right corner of the zodiac is now situated in the northeast at the place where the Sun rises during the summer solstice. Return to Book Page. Cathedralz, is this for this reason – as entrusted us Serge Hutin – that the symbolic “sea horse” was with in honor in the family of Lesseps to which the famous Ferdinand, who fulcanelil built the Suez Canal, belonged?

The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Lastly, that, here and there, the prose reaches unsurpassed heights.

Dulcanelli top in a four leaf clover, hence representing a form of cross, Christ is depicted in between the Greek letters alpha and omega. I am impressed so much by what this worthy relic represents, that I do not dare to reveal cahedrals existence It is the only eight pointed cross in the cathedral since the rest of the vaults are four pointed crosses.

The question ineluctably remained asked when one knows at which point the hermetists are set on the phonetic cabal. At the top the All Seeing Eye representing the eye of Horus is depicted.

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FULCANELLI- The Mystery Of The Cathedrals « eye of the cyclone

In the tympanum Jesus is displayed surrounded by the four beasts of the Apocalypse. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is precisely what the sensitive plate of the camera must should have seized and which Jean Cathedralss, now dead, sincerely tried to make us believe!

Mario Figueredo rated it it was amazing Mar 16, The zodiac corresponds with the summer solstice. So this zodiac window in Chartres is clearly a reference to the summer solstice Galactic Alignment ofthe Great Celestial Conjunction of Was Fulcanelli a Plagiarist?

Le Mystère des Cathédrales

Antos73 rated it really liked it Mar 15, The summer solstice Sun is depicted in the northeast summer solstice sunrise. Then, nothing would oppose to consider the tail of the hippocampus to indicate the letter “J” like the initial of a flucanelli name Jean, Jacques, Joel?

Perhaps in the future it will be even clearer, who knows? It would be regrettable to volitilize forever the masterly spirit fixed on the plate sensitive to everything that irradiates.

I read this book when I was 12 fulcanleli old to pass the time at my aunts house. Schwaller stated the following:. Sergio rated it did not like it Dec 15, Crossing of Amiens cathedral, two different four pointed crosses, the main pillars form the Galactic Cross named after the Four Evangelists.