This manual is downloaded from the FoxTango site, Yaesu. FRG HF Receiver. Survival Guide. Revision 2 march. If you want to work on your FRG, it is a must to have the manuals and schematics. See: The manuals are very informative and deal. The purpose of this manual is to provide the reader with information critical to the nance of the FRG general coverage communications receiver.

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Change C uF to 47 uF, for a higher pitched audio. Under 2 Mhz the FRG is in my opinion very unsensitive, and if I want to do some Dx-ing in this band, I use my RA receiver, I will try to make my FRG at least as sensitive, it will be the next mod project, and I will update this page, when I have everything figured out.

First I had to construct a new power supply, because the owner had thrown away the mmanual board, but fortunately had still the original transformer, complete with burn marks and burned wires.

In normal use I have the fine tuning in mnual midposition, so I can tune either way of the station. I made a truth table of the 6 input pins of the MB, and soon discovered that pin 15 had no true 0 or 1, but had manaul a voltage of 3. I put in a couple of protection diodes over the LM, for safety reasons. Change the band switch to the 20 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7. After rebuilding, I will try some modifications, to improve selectivity and test some ideas of my own, like a clarifier, improve sensitivity for the AM bands and others.

Yaesu FRG-7700 Instruction Manual

By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. Problems with this IC are almost always man-made, like a short during the change of the light bulb in the VFO, see above or poking around in the set with the power cord attached.


Frh-7700 the band switch at the 5 Mhz band and adjust T for a reading of 7. Eventually you can use bulbs with short wires and frg-7700 them to the existing long wires after cutting away the old bulb, using isolation tube or crimping tube to isolate the wires and joints. The displayed frequency is frgg-7700 PLL frequency 0. There are some things to know about the frequency display: Check the soldering joints from the bridge, in the board, they can have some cratering, soldering them trough with a soldering iron, is then the solution.

This is a survival guide for the FRG, one of the most versatile receivers from Yaesu.

PLL Reference oscillator Adjustment: Compared with my other FRG, the signals were almost the same strength, so I spent some time to clean the chassis, knobs and front panel, and rebuild the set. The mahual resolution of the display is 1 khz, so there is always a frequency difference of khz between the true and the displayed frequency.

Web Master Fox Tango International. This is very impossible to repair, so I clean the plates rigorously and after frf-7700 use a good automobile wax to make the best of them.

If it is not possible to collect equipment myself, and pay cash, I am not interested, and can better save my money. CFJ k6 or, much more expensive: The Xtal oscillator was working and at the good frequency.


The only manjal that can give trouble after longer use are the mechanical parts as switches and controls. After a day on there is no warming-up, and stability of this receiver is now the best of the lot. I then build in the VFO a small circuit with a VHF varicap that was on hand BBand a small ceramic condenser 12pf over the existing vrg-7700 condenser. Another very good source for free manuals is http: It is really necessary to remove the power cord, otherwise you do not remove all the power, with disastrous results.

Rub it dry with an old cloth. Standby 10W 10W ON: Adjust T for a reading of 7 volts on the meter. For the rest of the mods it is necessary to remove the receiver board from the receiver. Yaesu uses a amber filter, to change the color in the style of all their equipment of the time FTZD, FT This tube has a filament, and has in the long run the same problem as all tubes: The only critical part in this mod is the ceramic condenser, it must be a type with a neutral temperature coefficient NP 0, black dot.

  IEC 80001-1 PDF

All mode communications receiver. See pictures from this mod.

The paint on the front plate of the FRG is easily scratched, in particular the sides. Well, why frh-7700 tune a varicap in the VFO with the existing circuit? Your Frog has then a very bright green display, that will again last for years. I checked the resistance of fdg-7700 movement and even that was almost the same.

If step 8 and 9 is done, you have to re-align T09 and T10 for maximum signal. You see seldom a R with a display failure, because they use a different board layout. You can obtain a used one in good condition for a affordable price on ham fests or on Internet. The S-Meter was also not functioning properly, and after taking it out, Maual saw that the movement was just a block of rust. If your display goes weak, you can solve the problem temporarily by removing the orange filter in the display window.

So I took the VFO out the receiver, a very easy job, although frg-770 means the removal of all knobs, scales and front panel. I just hope that I could help anybody to maintain his FRG in good condition. After inserting the board, I checked the bands, and now I had several more bands with signals.

To get access, you have to disassemble the front panel and the analog dial.