Get SEC filings for Firstsource Solutions Ltd (FSL), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). The report had been provided to the Northern Territory Government on 30 April , . The first source is the Stronger Futures consultations undertaken in the . The Financial impact of this Bill is put in the Explanatory Memorandum as – 98aaca1cd0e//;fileType=application%2Fpdf: ‘The. filings like the K and Q data, the EDGAR site is a first-source repository for the . Loughran and McDonald () link the tone of the annual report .. on a form having at least one non-robot request (of any file type).

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Firstsource Solutions Ltd(FSL) Annual Report (10K) Quarterly Report (10Q)

The Minister is then required to consider any submissions received during this period before making a determination under proposed subsection 17 1. Many of those weighing the costs and benefit of the existing approach have reflected on the needs that may not be being met by this approach.

Most are unlikely to know that it is even under way. The Minister need not approve such a plan unless the people living in the area have been sufficiently consulted and the majority of them support the plan proposed section 17 6.

Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill 2011

It shows that child hospitalisation rates have increased and that confirmed incidences of personal harm and suicide have more than doubled since Filerype Australian Fildtype, in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, is firstsouurce acting on the issues people said were the most urgent: The Bill is also silent on the return or copying of such documents.

Division5—Requirement to register under the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act If the owner of a community store is annuzl registered under the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act CATSI Act when there is a determination that they should be —and they are aware of this determination —then they are liable to a civil penalty under proposed section 61 subject to various defences specified in the proposed Act subsections 2 and 3.

Many indigenous leaders in the Territory for example, Dr Sue Gordon, Alison Anderson, Barbara Shaw have seen the need for the Government to push ahead with their plans, but the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has suggested the Government should talk with the Alice Spring town camp residents about phasing out the camp system.


Furthermore the court can make the order whether or not the person intends to engage in that conduct again or intends to continue that conduct and whether or not the person has done it in the past.

Proposed Subdivision A deals with civil penalties. Analysis based on independent recordings of the consultations reveals striking discrepancy between opinions expressed by communities and the view of opinions present in the report. Similarly the Secretary is empowered to release information to relevant public officials under proposed section Development in remote Aboriginal communities will inevitably require state subvention for the foreseeable future, but the current delivery architecture is faulty and runs counter to sound principles of participatory development.

Reports of child abuse in NTER communities have increased from in —08 to in —11; as have domestic violence reported incidents, from to Division6—Assessments of community stores in relation to licensing The Secretary can initiate the assessment of a community store and can require an authorised officer to make this assessement. Chris Graham, Indigenous affairs commentator and managing editor of the publication Tracker, was reported as putting the cost and outcomes as follows: The appropriateness of suspending the application of the Racial Discrimination Act was questioned, as was the likely efficacy of the income management regime.

Purpose The Bill has three central parts: For example, Professor Jon Altman wrote: The other source is an independent evaluation of the NTER. It is then possible to negotiate the matter further, however if the Secretary considers the person has breached the undertaking then an application can be made to a court. Similarly proposed section 73 imposes a requirement to provide compellable information for an assessment and failure to comply with a written request in the relevant time frame incurs a criminal penalty under proposed subsection 3.

Variation and revocation of alcohol management plans are subject to similar procedural provisions. It is noted here that the Explanatory Memorandum at p.

Division 3 —Determining whether a community store is required to be licensed It falls to the Secretary to determine whether the owner of a community store is required to hold a licence proposed section These are extraordinarily high rates unimagined in the broader community. Proposed Division 4, Subdivision A regulates the grant or refusal of community store licences. It will be interesting to see the views of the Scrutiny of Bills Committee on these provisions, since the strict liability provisions do not seem congruent with the overall tone of the Bill and the necessity for this formula is unclear.

When Bills have been passed and have received Royal Assent, they become Reort, which can be found at the ComLaw website at http: Aboriginal people living in remote communities in the Northern Territory feel safer and receive better levels of government services than they did four years ago. There were questions concerning the procedure by which the Government would decide what is appropriate for specific communities and how the Government would know when the desired changes had occurred.


Proposed Subdivision B establishes the framework for imposing conditions on community store licences, which can include anything the Secretary specifies and also the conditions in the legislation such as proposed subsection 54 1 regarding monitoring and audits and any rules which firstsurce made which apply to all community stores under proposed subsection 55 fjrstsource. There are defences to these offences for people in a boat engaged in recreational boating or commercial fishing activities proposed subsections 75B 2 or 75C 2 and for those who are on organised tours proposed subsections 75B 4 and 75C 4.

I think these things, supported by strictly enforced sanctions against unjustifiable non-attendance, together would make staying away from school a very unattractive option.

It provides certain procedural protections and effectively requires the provision of access to premises, documents, material or assistance. Professor Jon Altman wrote: They must also provide an authorised officer with annuall relevant to auditing and monitoring compliance, although interestingly there is no requirement to filettype with such a request if it tends to incriminate or expose the person to a penalty. Professor Jon Altman wrote:. It would have been logical for proposed section 75F to regulate such notices, especially since this provision, which creates and offence of removing or damaging notices is situated in proposed Division 2.

Part 3 gives the Commonwealth certain powers to regulate town camps and community living areas in the Northern Territory.

Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Bill – Parliament of Australia

The work cannot be adapted or modified in any way. The specification of an area as an alcohol protected area can be made. Proposed Subdivision B deals with infringement notices, which may be given by the Secretary within 12 months of the alleged contravention.

They are doomed to repeated failure, which means that without the appropriate capacity building communities are doomed to poor food security.