Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop FERMAX AUDIO AUTOMATIC SWITCHER. Maximum 7 accesses. 1 switcher is required for each audio/video door access. In installations with 2 accesses, only 1 switcher is needed. For residential. Find great deals for Fermax Ref Automatic Audio Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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For installation ferax lifts or garages, in order to make calls to concierge. Frontal module in aluminium and inner stainless steel grid. SLV1N3 Audio with keypad and 6 push. E1 Call extension module. Fernando Maestre inis specialized in designing communication and access control systems, both digital and analogue, enjoying a prominent position among the world leading brands.

Fermax Corporate

S5 x Flush box dimensions: LYNX allows for a great variety of settings to customise function and performance to the specific needs of each residence. The keypad incorporates an access control function VDS codes. S1 XX55 Loft reader dimensions: All panels include standard engraving for each Engraving pushbutton. A developing guard which configures functions of the system. DUOX is the new digital system representing an innovative and technological leap in the intercom market. The final result is a compact and robust equipment set, just like a monoblock panel IP43 IK7.


High sensitivity electret microphone.

Can store up to 40 authorised telephones in stand-alone mode. Concealed screw bolt fixes panel to flush box.

T1 P1 A1 Power supply. SLV Audio 16 push. Up to cards stand-alone1.

FERMAX Automatic Audio Switcher Video Telephone Security Door Entry Access | eBay

VIVO monitor also acts as an alarm for time management purposes. A complete DUOX system consists of: Adjust of conversation volume control from monitor, outdoor panel and synthesizer message.

Our products are also sold in another 70 countries.

Every endeavour will be made by the handling or installation are excluded from Company to adhere to the delivery dates warranty. Unlimited distances from end to end of an installation. Fermxa company has developed and focused on the values that have made it a global sucess: Universal Large decorative frame: Telephone decorative frame x Automatic opening when the authorised fermwx phone is within range of the receiver, or by means of a keypad confirmation or introducing a PIN.


Fermax General Catalogue |

Electric strike requieres a short S shield ref. The data can be updated and the installation monitored from different PCs multi-station.

It can be used in any communication point of an MDS system. SLV6P3 Audio with paxton cut fetmax and 1 push. One set is required for each additional frame installed between the flush box. Risers can share the power source or have one supply per riser.