The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D. APPROVED FOR .. The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example.

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Let me emphasize again that I believe the base FEMA design can be improved considerably to allow acceptable results in stationary applications.

FEMA Gasifier

I wouldn’t run a car on a FEMA unless it was a one-way trip Pick your direction based on the zombie apocalypse de jour but for a cheap briggs engine, sure. Except for the technology of producing alternate fuels, such as methane or alcohol, the only solution for operating existing internal combustion engines, when oil and petroleum products are not available, has been these simple, inexpensive gasifier units.

A simpler filtering system. I think owning people is wrong. This region serves the same function as the fuel hopper in the Imbert design. The FEMA is a good unit for learning, so in that sense it can be useful beyond an emergency unit. No special fuel shape or pretreatment is necessary; any blocky fuel can be used. I think it’s important to provide this kind of disclaimer whenever the FEMA is introduced, especially for those new to the technology. During operation of this gasifier, air passes uniformly downward through four zones, hence the name ‘stratified: This is one page of the website that I’ve been looking forward to doing a write-up on.

Adding the restriction plate to the base of the fire tube serves a couple functions: The FEMA design is generally suited to introduce wood gasification and many variations of this design do power vehicles without destroying them.

The use of wood to provide heat is as old as mankind; but by burning the wood we only utilize about one-third of its energy. The third zone is made poans of charcoal from the second zone. Personally, I find the videos rather interesting and chose not to marginalize the author’s efforts.


I consider the primary purpose of this forum as a resource for education, and I’m trying to encourage the reader to take the claim seriously. Such manufactured gas was used for street lights and was piped into houses for heating, lighting, and cooking.

FEMA wood gasifier demonstration and DIY specifications (biogas forum at permies)

This unit was then mounted onto the front of a gasoline-engine farm tractor gasjfier successfully field tested, using wood chips as the only fuel; see Fig. Because of the wood gasifier’s somewhat low efficiency, the inconvenience of operation, and the potential health risks from toxic fumes, most of such units were abandoned when oil again became available in However, petroleum shortages during World War II led to widespread gas generator applications in the transportation industries of Western Europe.

You can have multiple engines and rebuild kits for less than the cost difference to get to an Imbert. The United States, never faced with such prolonged or severe oil shortages, has lagged far behind Europe and the Orient in familiarity with and application of this technology; however, a catastrophe could so severely disrupt the supply of petroleum in this country that this technology might be critical in meeting the energy needs of some essential economic activities, such as the production and distribution of food.

However, all enthusiasts I know of who use gasification on a regular basis and who started with a Hasifier unit have moved on. In short, this design i. This dust may be partially carried away by the gas; however, it might eventually begin to plug the gasifier, and so it must be removed by shaking or agitation. I am not aware of an account where a genuine FEMA design has been used to operate an engine over an extended period without problems when I write “extended”, I mean at least hours of engine operation and preferably II; or Reed and Das You can use this to generate biochar as an added benefit.


Gasification is a physicochemical process in which chemical transformations occur along with the conversion of energy. Making a combustible gas from coal and wood began around in Europe. High-grade biomass fuels such as wood blocks or chips will flow down through the gasifier under the influence ffema gravity, and downdraft air flow.

The presence of char and ash serves to protect the grate from excessive temperatures. In diesel engines, the fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber as fine droplets which burn as they vaporize. After the discovery of large petroleum reserves in Pennsylvania in gaaifier, the entire world changed to oil – a cheaper and more convenient fuel.

As the charcoal reacts with the combustion gases, it eventually reaches a very low density and breaks up into a dust containing all of the ash as well as a percentage of the original carbon.

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In fact, the use of wood gas as a fuel is not even restricted to gasoline engines; if a small amount of diesel fuel is used for ignition, a properly adjusted diesel engine can be operated primarily on wood gas introduced through wodo intake manifold.

Obviously, it is desirable to use these widely available biomass residues.

The open top permits fuel to be fed more easily and allows easy access. The Qood gasifier was only meant as a last resort emergency fuel source so it was never intended to be used as a long term fuel source. The first question many people ask about gasifiers is, ‘Where does the combustible gas come from?

The wood gasifier design presented in this report has as its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel. The foremost question about the operation of the stratified, downdraft gasifier concerns char and gasfiier removal. For prolonged idling, a hand-operated shaker has been included in the design.