Anisotremus moricandi é uma espécie de peixe da família Haemulidae. Pode ser encontrada nos seguintes países: Brasil, Colômbia, Panamá e Venezuela. Anisotremus é um gênero de peixes da família Haemulidae. Espécies[editar | editar código-fonte]. Anisotremus caesius (Jordan & Gilbert, ); Anisotremus. FAMILIA HAEMULIDAE Los roncadores son una familia de peces de tamaño pequeño a mediano que viven alrededor del mundo en mares tropicales y.

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Haemulon taeniatum Poey, Pristipoma viridense Cuvier, Gaterin punctatissimus Playfair, Diagramma macrolepis Boulenger, Pristipoma auritum Cuvier, Pristipoma bennettii Lowe, Inermia vittata Poey, Pristipoma chrysobalion Cuvier, Gaterin flavomaculatus Cuvier, Plectoryhnchus celebecus Bleeker, Brachydeuterus auritus Valenciennes, Pomadasys davidsonii Steindachner, Parapristipoma trilineatus Thunberg, Plectorhynchus niger Cuvier, This list uses some data from Catalog of Haemulieae not shown but used to sort names.

  ISO 14887 PDF

Pomadasys empherus Bussing, Haemulon scudderii Gill, Pristipoma argyreum Valenciennes, Pomadasys perrotetti Cuvier, Pristipoma davidsonii Steindachner, famiila In particular, for famolia scientific, we suggest then to cite it in the Material and Method section as a useful tool to conduct the research, but again, not as a taxonomic or nomenclatural authority reference.

Rather, it reflects gamilia current content of FishBase, and the progress with respect to synchronization with the Catalog of Fishes. Sparus sciurus Shaw, Pristipoma fasciatum Cuvier, Plectorhynchus lineatus Linnaeus, Pomadasys nitidus Steindachner, Plectorhynchus polytaenia Bleeker, Pomadasis bennettii Lowe, Diagramma griseum playfairi Pellegrin, Pomodasys maculates Bloch, Pomadasys suillus Valenciennes, Diagramma unicolor Macleay, Pristipoma hasta Bloch, Pomadasys anas Valenciennes, Pristipoma caripa Cuvier, Pristipoma nitidum Steindachner, Orthopristis inornatus Gamilia, Anisotremus scapularis Tschudi, Plectorhynchus niger Cuvier, Plectorynchus pictus Tortonese, Sparus virginicus Linnaeus, Dacymba bennetti Lowe, Labrus fulvo-maculatus Mitchill, Diagramma punctatum Cuvier, Plectorhinchus lessoni Cuvier, Ffamilia sexfasciatum Gill, Pomadasys perotaei Cuvier, Gaterin sordidus Klunzinger, Haemulon striatum Linnaeus,