itwiki Encefalite letargica; nlwiki Encephalitis lethargica; plwiki Zapalenie mózgu von Economo; ptwiki Encefalite letárgica; ruwiki Летаргический энцефалит. Date, Source, von Economo C. Die Encephalitis lethargica (Mit zwölf lithographischen Tafeln). Franz Deuticke, ss. Leipzig-Wien. Translation for ‘encefalite letargica’ in the free Italian-English dictionary and many other English translations.

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Thesis, Kiel Karl J.

Contributo allo studio del connettivo epatico nelle sindromi post-encefalitiche e letqrgica diversi altri stati morbosi.

Although differential diagnosis in living patients could be difficult Baumann and de Leeuwthe opposite was more frequently asserted. The German neurologist and leading EL expert Felix Stern — addressed this difference inattaching a brief discussion of influenza encephalitis as an appendix to his comprehensive depiction of EL:. Author manuscript; available in PMC Oct 1.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The substantia nigra is a major target for neurovirulent influenza A virus.


Leyden and Guttmann ; Thompson ; Wolff ; Parsons letargcia Encephalitis lethargica is researched and mentioned in the Canadian television show ReGenesisin the last few episodes of the second series Zur Geschichte der Gehirngrippe. This disjuncture is difficult to reconcile with EL and pandemic influenza sharing a common etiology. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The first cases described in England were not confused with influenza, but with botulism.


“encefalite letargica” in English

Isolated lesions limited to the bilateral substantia nigra on MRI associated with influenza A infection. EL might be reported early in its course by an informed physician, but more frequently following the later presentation of post-encephalitic sequelae, or even post mortem on the basis of neuropathology.

Ein Fall von chronischer schubweise verlaufender Encephalitis encefaoite. First described by Constantin von Economo. Williams and Wilkins; Baltimore: Am J Med Sci. Dati epidemiologici e considerazioni. The French medical bacteriologist and leading EL investigator Arnold Netter — argued that if encefwlite were to nominate a disorder with which EL might be related it would be poliomyelitis rather than influenza in discussion to: Epidemic encephalitis nona J Am Med Assoc.

Note Psichiat Pesaro ; He specifically noted that encephalitis grippalis often attacked the cerebral motor zone, and that there had been no confirmed cases in which: Above all, there is neither in the letarvica nor in more recent literature any report that any of these typical cerebral encephalitis cases, whether initiated in an apoplectic manner or acutely during severe pulmonary influenza, has later developed into an incurable chronic-neurasthenic and then myostatic stage Sternpp f.

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Der Liquor cerebrospinalis bei Encephalitis epidemica.

[Not Available].

With few exceptions there were no institutional outbreaks hospitals, asylums, military camps or even transference within families.

Secretariat of the League of Nations; Geneva: American Medical Association; Chicago: The causes of encephalitis lethargica EL are uncertain. There have been several proposed diagnostic criteria for Encephalitis Lethargica. Ocular symptomsparticularly diplopia and paralyses of accommodation, were often regarded as harbingers of EL. Some studies have explored its origins in an autoimmune response, [4] and, separately or in relation to an immune response, links to pathologies of infectious disease — viral and bacterial, [4] e.

The second major argument for the unitarian hypothesis is that EL-like disorders had been reported during previous influenza epidemics. This approach, however, is rendered impractical by inherent difficulties in estimating case numbers of these diseases.

Encephalitis Unsolved problems in neuroscience Ailments of unknown cause Viral infections of the central nervous system.