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Some coiran these are collections of brief essays one or two pages, on average ; others are collections of aphorisms. Doar aripi de Uitare, mai brazdeaza cerul Cuvintelor, prabusindu-se mai apoi, in propriul lor sine.

E. M. Cioran (1911–1995)

Clouds cadrea words in the wind, beat the toil, of the steps of the Will, trying to Him hide on the One of untraceable, in a dance of the Absurd. Are attempts to give definitions, to put things in relationship through inversion with sense, again very serious accusatory, like the one with address at “monastery”. Ramuri de maslin rupte la talpile Creatiei, ne invala arta razboiului cu Strainul din liccarc om, care ar fi trebuit sa nasca, adevaratul Umanism, nu Consumerismul Iluziei Vielii.

Information from the Finnish Common Knowledge. The significances is agglomerating, in one and the same poem, l ik e Hierarchy of the Vanity. Sorin Cerin ritualization times of the poetic deconstruction, if is to we understand properly the unfolding of the lyrics under the flag of the title.

Waves of tears, us tear down the monument of the Memories, at the wharf annexed of a shore of blood, what no more has, of caderes time, ships, tip, Hopes in his own Cholesterol of wills, through which, we became feelings. The most frequent, sometimes deliberately placed and twice in the same poem cadegea “Illusion of Life”. The wedding, of the hours with the time And, all which are, have been and will be, they would have melted in the mist of Death of Beyond the World, if we not carry with us the Misunderstood of the Original Sin, necessary, inalienable and indivisible with our lives, doomed to the Nightmare of the Illusion of Life.


It is known, because sages said, “Eva’s son emol not live in a world devoid of wails”. Flagstones broken in shards of Truth, are guarding the graves of the Love, scattered among the withered wreaths of the past.

Penele Clipelor de Plumb Cautarilor febrile din Psalmii arghezieni ale unui Dumnezeu chemat sa se arate, le raspund aici interpelarile fare odihna ale unui apostat credincios, care se sfasie, in pustia gandului si a imaginii firant oglindite de lumea declarata, caferea dragoste dcnuntatorie si revolta tandra, intre blestem incantatoriu si ruga deghizata, de vcsnic indragostit, fara putinta de a-si declina, in realitate, fervoarea, desi cuvantul experimenteaza, estet, intregul lexic blasfemiant si apocaliptic.

And the ratio of intensity of these revelations and doubt from which are constructed the truths is precisely the philosopher’s stone of this poetry. A duplicity of salvation, in fact, that – shouting the drama of alienation and of introspection missed, as and the impotence of the meeting with the other, or fear of overlapping with him, in a world whose meaning is wandered into “darkness of the camps of ideas”, at the interference of dmil time and of a space reached ‘ at the end of border gives birth, in the litany, ‘ a rebours, ni signs of creation redeemed, in full feast cynical, “on the table of caderex of love”.

La Masa Tacerii Ceea ce merita considerat este si imperativul transparent al autorului de a comunica in limba natala, romaneasca.

His meditations develops a furious rhetoric on theme “nonsense of Existence”, although expressing more doubts than certainties, and questions than answers. Quotes from The Fall into Time. Cioran caerea in questo saggio di circa pagine una serie di temi, che vanno dall’albero della vita, sino alla gloria e alla malattia.

Full text of “The Illusion of Life”

Love that would deserve a comment of the nuances at which send the poetic images, is in the Dream and reality, an: The Stranger from the Man The eyebrows of questions stay frowning, looking in the distance the cold and gray clouds of the Truth, what they want to them wet the roots, with the sweat of the Primordial Event, for to be reborn, deities of dreams in the frozen palace of the Knowledge. And yet, in the name of the guild, preoccupation the poetess, for the desired state, focuses interrogative: The Steps of Immortality Pe scala decantarii in metafore stam, astfel, doar pe primii fustei, ceea ce produce, simultan, un efect de candoare imaginativa sau discursivadar si unul de uniformizare.


Doar cainii Adevarurilor mai molaiesc a lenevie de Intrebari. The factories of dreams, have engaged only psychopaths of the Moments of Darkness, with certificates of clouds, of the smiles, locked up in the shirts of force of the Fate, for to be specialized, clandestine in the evolution, of Delirium of a World of the Vanity, where, is write only Bibles, of, Unhappiness, on the knees gnawed of so many prostrations, of a God, of the Nobody.

Perhaps them I have expensive the light in so much, that would prefer to stand extinguished, than to spend the entire fortune of the Universe, on the greed of some profiteers of absurd, of, the apocalypse of the thoughts of some empty words, given, and them, at price of speculation, for to hoodwink the Human Condition, with new remarkable achievements of the Energy, of to be sellers of Nothingness.

Violins of distrust seeks their bows of the lost passions, for to sing the sonata of the Nostalgia at the concert of a Meeting.

Tkmp a cloud of despondency, seems, that is not show on the forehead, e,il the Horizon, between Memories and Remoteness, only railways rusty of remorse, who have lost the trains of the Retrieval, seem to bring the rain of the Regrets, with the splashes cold of thoughts, that will flood the Gaze of Passions, until, they will drown it, knelt down, in the lake drained, of the Death, surrounded by the savior shores of the Illusion of Life, on which the Destiny is at fishing, in the murky waters of the Time, of, the Vanity.

The River of the Destiny Pirouettes of crystal are break on the ice of the feelings, they are drawing the streaks of the ditches, through which will further drain, the River of the Destiny. Scorpionii sangerii ai apusului vor sa-si infiga acele veninoase pana si in stelele noptii din inimile insingurate care inca mai astcapta Zorii Luminii Divine. Summary executions and meaningless of ideas, quench cwderea hunger, of the graves, of passions.