Electronic playground, And learning center, Elenco • Read online or download PDF • Elenco in-1 Electronics Playground User Manual. : Elenco in-1 Electronic Playground and Learning Center: Electronics Exploration Kit | Over 75 STEM Projects | 4-Color Project Manual | 40 . in-1 Electronics Playground. Product Code: RB-Ibo by Elenco. (4) Add my review. In stock. Easy-to-read, illustrated, lab-style manual included; Learn.

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Use this Olayground to look up all the other uses interested in. Slide the switch to position B, and connect the wires carefully – this project is more intricate than most of the others. How does this work? With the switch in position A, the battery voltage is increased to 9V, and the other circuits and detects any power fluctuations in order to prevent malfunctions.

Follow the wiring sequence and observe the drawings. Page 41 – IV. However, the actual output voltage will be limited by the available battery voltage, which is 1. If you press the key, you hear a repeating sound from the speaker. When you have finished building this circuit, connect terminals 13 and 14 in order to turn the learninng on. Eelnco this multivibrator, you can make the LED stay on for a preset amount of time when the key is pressed – a single flash light.

Elenco in-One Electronic Playground and Learning Center # EP

This usually current varies, due to magnetic associated with the dielectric in effects. Page 6 fine screen would keep rocks from falling overeectronic Capacitors: This experiment is Notes: Build this experiment after you have built and studied the previous experiment because this one has no transformer; transformers are likely to cause distortion because of their non- linear characteristics.

Connect the terminals 13 and 14, once you have finished the wiring. The brightness of the LED in this circuit changes according to the level of voice input that comes from the microphone the earphone. Many radio operators started out using an oscillator with a tone control like this one.


First, we can use separate power sources or we can use one power source for both the circuit and the IC. The tone is initially high but as you close the key plqyground tone gets lower. The wiring sequence below will make the decimal point light, however you can light any part of the LED display.

Begin by sliding the elemco to position B and finishing the wiring for the circuit. The circuit creates two different output signals that have triangular and square waves.


From looking at the schematic, can you explain how the circuit produces this sound? This circuit maintains a constant current even when the cennter voltage is changed, because more energy is used up in the circuit. Radio And Communication Circuits X. Think of the CdS cell as a resistor that changes its resistance based electrnoic the amount of light that falls upon it. This is an electronic version of the metronome, used by musical students and musical geniuses alike, worldwide.

Elenco 130-in-1 Electronics Playground User Manual

In our last two projects you have been shown how you are able to use NANDs to make up some other logic circuits. Before you complete this circuit set the switch to B. If it displays nothing, at least one of the output signals is logical 0 or low; When the input to the of one as the input of another? Are you able to Msnual Display a number or a letter on the LED display and then have the players tell you what number it is. The lower part of the LED lights up. This LED flasher uses two diodes.

Turn the switch to A, and see what happens to LED 1 when you press the key once at a time. As your understanding if you do encounter a problem you can try and fix it by and knowledge expands of electronics, you will be using the following troubleshooting steps.


To play a tune, modify the control to the proper note and press the key. Series When electrical components Oscillator A circuit that uses feedback to are connected one after the generate an AC output.

In this experiment, denter LED continuously lights and turns off slowly.

It doubles the frequency of the input signal, so it is also called a pulse frequency doubler. Wire the circuit and use terminal 74 as the ground terminal.

The simple circuit shown here does not have a key or a switch, but you can easily add one.

Instead the circuit will produce light with an LED. This experiment is a toggle flip-flop circuit made by using four NAND gates. Connect the antenna to elwctronic 95 or This experiment is an example of an astable multivibrator — are you able guess what astable means? After you close Notes: The important rule to remember for transistors is: The shape epenco this wave results from the slow charging of the 0.

Place the AM radio close to the circuit since the signal can only transmitted a few feet. Slide the switch to position B, build the learninb, and then slide the switch to position A to turn on the circuit.

The NPN transistor acts as a pulse oscillator. One of them is the single flash multivibrator. You can use it to check for antenna signals and find sources of RF noise and interference. When each more than the two inputs.