Crescendo. Millennium Edition remake of a famous amplifier. Design by T. Giesberts. In early , Elektor magazine beat the com- petition hands-down by. Crescendo Millennium Edition amplifier (mono block) (). Crescendo ME with 2SK/2SJ and lower voltage. Post by zymorg┬╗ Mon May 16, pm. Hello, I am looking for a good amplifier circuit and with.

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Let me try again and see if this works. My name is Zoran, and I am from Croatia. Sonic results are exceptional!!! This is overall crescenro sounding amplifier that I have ever built, or heard. Some of amplifiers that i built in the past are: I found AKSA to be more sonically satisfactory than any of those listed above.

Sounds like it was made to please my ears rather than somebody’s oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. Here are two pictures of my AKSA, you may notice that I added something on the primary side of transformers. That is a PCB that holds fuse, mains filter, solder pins for transformers and mains, relay for remote powering and totally unnecessary soft start circuit, elsktor to around 0,5 sec delay.

Heatsinks are overkill for this amplifier, of course, this is what I had at hand and these are remains of times when I thought that only A-class amplifier could yield acceptable results. This is an ekektor amplifier, very impresive!

elektor Mini-Crescendo

I don’t really see hear any need for improvement, but a “plus” upgrade that I plan to order in future may prove me wrong. Thanks Steven, works a treat! Zoran, welcome to our forum, and thank you sincerely for pictures of your superbly built AKSA! With your experience, and that of so many others here, we have an incredibly valuable discussion group about AKSAs which is very helpful to new builders and those considering their first purchase.


I appreciate your comments about the design.

Crescendo Millenium Edition | Elektor Magazine

Just for a change, I decided to design an amp from a musical instrument standpoint rather than an engineering standpoint. It was more difficult, but it seemed to turn out! Moving house, getting married, buying house, new kitchen, decorating Finally I have a nice place to put my Aksa and a source to do it some kind of justice – a Squeezebox3.

I’m keeping things simple and using the built in volume control of the SB3 so I lowered the gain of the Aksa following Hugh’s instructions in another post.

The gallery is at: Hi Simeon, Very nice job, full stereo mono layout!! I nice touch I’ve found with steel is to bake an enamel coat over the top of the powder coating. This adds huge depth and lovely refinement to a steel top Hi all, Well I finally got around to uploading an image. It doesn’t look much, but its been going non-stop since May My newer built amps may look a bit better, but none sound as good.

I cringe a bit looking at the wiring, but at the time I didn’t know any better. I might rewire it when I upgrade to a Lifeforce. For the historians out crescndo, this is a standard AKSA 55 v1. Bass is very accurate and the sound stage is amazing – everything where it should be.

This is a perfect match for my Marantz CD63 and newly purchased Triangles. It was mainly designed for HT but currently it is used only for stereo. Fishmalt, Very nice effort. That is one nice case. Where did it come from? Thanks for the feedback. I designed the case and took the plans to a wlektor metal shop to build for me. I hope to build a matching preamp kit sometime down the road. I took a similar approach with my speakers.

I don’t own the proper tools or possess the skill to build the case or speaker cabinents to the style and quality that I want so hiring someone to build my design is still alot of fun just not DIY from start to finish.


Kristjan Mohori─Ź

Fishmalt, That is a very impressive case. Elrktor am using standard cases, but adding special touches to make it look unique. It is always impressive to see the variety of different designs that people come up with.

Good luck with the pre-amp. Ron I’d completely forgotten how much I love your setup, where did the cases come from? Hi Ron, I agree crecsendo Nick, this is superb work, beautiful quality. If I did it correctly, you should be able to see four photographs here: The case is made from 2mm pre-anodised aluminum with a front panel from 10 x aluminum bar stock. A machine shop made the front panel and a sheet metal shop bent up the four other pieces as blanks.

I saved some money cresendo cutting all the holes in the sheet metal myself. The phonos are Neutrik and have a very solid feel to them.

Cookies help us cresceneo you a better browsing experience. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies by us. Cheers, Hugh Logged simbloke Jr. Geoff-AU not mad about the top cover but the rest of it looks nice and clean.

Yes, the box is painted steel. It’s Ok but looks a bit industrial. I hope to use these people http: Mike- Fishmalt Logged rookster Jr. Cheers, Hugh Logged Martyn Jr. Cheers, Martyn Logged simbloke Jr. Cheers, Martyn That’s crescemdo and neat. Did you make the case yourself?

The phono connectors look unusual. Sim Logged Martyn Jr. Logged fajimr Full Member Posts: