CD-ROM CATALOG VA. Links To Catalog ELASTIMOLD®. 5kVkV Distribution Products s SEPARABLE CONNECTORS s CABLE JOINTS. U.S. contractors and specifiers have made our web catalog their number one stop. . Elastimold® Separable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminators. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories MV HV Catalogue Elastimold elbows, separable connectors, cable joints, terminations and cable accessories are.

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Includes bail assembly to secure feed-thru insert to bushing well. Stick-Op Operating Kit includes accessories that enable visible break direct testing, isolation, and grounding functions to be performed. Components can be isolated with insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings. Determine that the insulation diameter from AEIC table on page 34 is 1. Units are interchangeable, featuring bolted connections. Bails are required but not included. Substitute 0X for 1X for a universal aluminum rod contact for aluminum or copper conductors.

Also available as housing only — specify: Terminators allow connection and transition from shielded, underground cable to bare overhead conductors and live-front equipment.

These connectors are used when splicing and terminating power cable. Cam-Op connector kit includes: Includes X bi-metal contact.

Elastimold Egypt -Elsewedy Cables

Waterproof connector designed for outdoor use Light-weight More information. The completed catalog number therefore is KLR-N The Contractor shall furnish and install, where indicated, a free-standing, dead-front type low voltage Generator. These connectors are designed for use in pluggable.


Replacement stud available separately. In order to properly mate and install the cable to an Elastimold product, the use of a shield adapter, grounding kit or jacket seal may be required.

Use 0X for rod contact for aluminum or copper conductors. Rubber junction with stainless steel mounting plate and back plate. Surge Arresters, page Complete Joint Packages consisting of: Use for insulation dia. Style 2 Style 1 uses a single-piece housing elastimolx is sized to accommodate a specific range of cable.

Diameters to be measured in accordance with 9. Cam-Op connector kit includes: See page 17 for Window-Op Connector Kit. Safe and reliable application of overcurrent protective devices based on these sections mandate that More information.

To order the kits as components of other items, add the suffix to the end of the part number.


To order a cold shrinkable tube as a separate item, use the part number ECS. Two-Bushing Transformer To add surge protection to a two-bushing transformer at the end elastinold of a radial-feed circuit, add an elbow arrester to the unoccupied bushing or utilize a bushing arrester. For Amp ratings, substitute for and ; for ; K for K and K; K for K; for and ; for and 2X for 0X in the part number.


Includes contact rod, ground strap and rain cap. From table X6 the symbol for X is This Section includes all panelboards. Add -U for rubber junction with stainless steel mounting plate, back plate and adjustable bracket. Insulating silicone elastimoold are also available when more creepage is required or when wildlife protection is needed to insulate the connectors.

To order a cold-shrinkable tube as a separate item, use catalog number ECS. Available with a loose stud by adding suffix S to the part number.


Rated for padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor and other applications, units feature interchangeable interfaces which can be easily engaged or separated to provide a convenient method to connect or disconnect cable and equipment to the distribution system. To order a cold-shrinkable jacket seal as a component of an elbow kit, use catalog number LR-AS.

The Cam-Op connector is easily installed or removed by hotstick operation of the cam action disconnect lever.