comparators – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view Calibration Comparators • Brookes Level Comparators • Eden-Rolt Millionth Comparators. Uses of Eden-Rolt comparator is specified in this section. Example for Mechanical comparators are Dial gauge, Read comparator, Johansson Mikrokator, Sigma comparator, Eden – Rolt millionth comparator etc.

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The usual magnifications of the mechanisms range from about to The brackets are kept in alignment by a keyway and a spline, and carry an optical measuring head and a tailstock respectively. When correctly adjusted, the image of the index line is seen against that of the graticule scale.

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We will need more information to help you. Two brackets are mounted on a transverse bar carried through the base. This utilises a plunger tilted mirror, objective lens, prism and observing eye-piece to provide a high degree of magnification. The mechanisms used in mechanical comparators have more inertia and this may cause them to be sensitive to vibrations.

Optical magnification provides high degree of measuring precision Mp to reduction of moving members and better wear resistance qualities. A combination of magnifying principles has lead to the development of a few more types of comparators, which are: Any wear, play, backlash compaartor dimensional faults in the mechanical devices used will also be magnified.

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The optical system of this instrument involves double reflection of light and thus gives higher degree of magnification. After Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden, how did they survive with the millions of dinosaurs lurking about? Why do other students get annoyed if one students asks too many questions to the teacher? Eden Rolt Millionth Comparator.


The division of the scale rollt opposite the index line indicates the amount of movement of contact plunger. Another advantage of the optical comparators is that provision of an illuminated scale enables readings to be taken without regard to the room lighting conditions.

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The image of the scale and the index line could also be viewed through a projection system. Electrical and Electronic Comparators Metrology.

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Further these possess better wear resistance qualities as the only wearing members are the plunger and its guide and the mirror pivot bearing. In the focal plane of the eye-piece, a fine reference line Index is provided compparator the system of lenses is so arranged that the image of the scale is projected in the same focal plane.

It is very difficult to incorporate an arrangement for adjusting the magnification. Its design is simple and economical.

The slight movement of moving block through pointer strip causes the pointer arm to be deflected as shown in Fig.


The second objective lens brings the reflected beam from the first mirror comparafor a focus at a transparent graticule containing a precise scale which is viewed by the eye-piece.

The whole system could be explained diagrammatically by Fig. Any slackness in moving parts reduces the accuracy considerably. Answer Questions Why do other students get annoyed if one students asks too many questions to the teacher? Mechanical Optical Comparators Metrology.

Disadvantages of Mechanical Comparators Mechanical comparators have more moving comparatr, due to which the friction is more and hence the accuracy is low.

Mechanical Optical Comparators (Metrology)

The special end of the contact plunger rests against the outer end of the first movable mirror so that any vertical movement of the plunger will tilt the mirror. Why are school administrators overpaid compared to teachers? Optical system of Eden Rolt comparator.

The mirror is mounted on a knife-edge and it can be tilted about the fulcrum by any mil,ionth vertical movement of the contact plunger. Electrical and Electronic Comparators Metrology Previous post: Thus with movement of scale the image can be measured with reference to the fixed line. Principle of Optical Comparator. In normal back reflection type there are two reflected images, one each from front and back.