DODD 2010.9 PDF

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements. Originator: USD(AT&L). CFR: Date: Changes: This document has not yet been added to FISMApedia. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) (Reference (a)). allied nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pursuant to DoDD DODD Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (Cited DODD Recoupment of Nonrecurring Costs (NCs) on Sales of U.S. Items (Cited in .

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Armed Forces and the military forces of authorized countries or international organizations. If the warranty is violated, the U. Other international agreements may affect the ddod of the U.

It must contain an expiration date, which is normally the end date of the specific exercise or operation.

Consult dode legal advisor before placing any order that may continue across fiscal years. OSD approval to conclude is valid for 1 year, without further coordination.

These requests will be sent to the Director of the Joint Staff. A legal instrument entered into under the authority of title 10, U.

DoDD – FISMApedia

RaikTttfeDafe Name. Loans are subject to Congressional reporting annually. For the purposes of this instruction, the legal authorities conferred under reference a. These requirements are normally identified and refined at the CCMD, Service component, or subunified command level by the responsible command or unit logistics elements in coordination with the official designated as the ACSA ordering ddod or a warranted contracting officer.

Armed Forces, the responsible ordering authority or contracting officer or designee verifies partial or complete delivery of the LSSS in accordance with the provisions of the contract or AOA agreement. This may include preparation but not execution of ACSA order forms or other required documentation but does not include the increase in DoD inventory levels.


Each nomination will be forwarded under separate memorandum and will contain the following information: The CJCS or CCMD delegated the authority to negotiate and conclude these agreements shall maintain written documentation of the agreement negotiation process.

In accordance with reference d, IAs including provisions for the use of specific subcategories of military communications assets and related services shall be concluded or executed only after coordination with and approval from the CJCS.

Also enter all IAs into the database after they are signed. All foreign country requests for excluded items see subparagraphs 5b l and 5b 2 of this enclosure or items involving unusual liability and foreign disclosure issues will be processed through foreign military sales or direct commercial dovd channels, as authorized in reference f.

Does not include provision of distinctive items of military uniform and insignia or clothing 200.9 as significant military equipment in reference h. This approach will avoid the accumulation of a large outstanding unliquidated balance between the parties.

LSSS provided to U. CCMDs should allow a minimum of oddd days for processing of cross- servicing agreement designation nominations. If the items are determined to be serviceable, the designated ACSA official will inform the Service component or subunified command resource management element and note that fact on the ACSA order form.

DoDD 2010.9

This office may then initiate payment processing via the appropriate Service or agency financial dpdd system. Additionally, an AOA agreement is time limited to the exercise or operation it is meant to support. It is the responsibility of the logistics representatives to ensure the standard 2010.99 form is completed and signed by all parties prior to forwarding to CCMD or responsible component comptroller.


Reimbursement in cash must be with the proper purpose funds i. A subordinate unified command may be established on an area or functional basis.

DoD Directive , “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements,” 4/28/

Specifically excluded are the following: Once the foreign country has reimbursed via RIK or EVE within the required timeframe, the designated ACSA official notes that fact either on the ACSA order form and inform the Service component or subunified command resource management element of the completion of the transaction. Acquisition Cross-Servicing Agreement Dodx.

The fund cite with the required certification will be noted on the ACSA order form. Transfers between coalition or NATO military forces engaged in and conducting coalition operations are not to be considered a third-party transfer.

Determination of Acquisition-Only Eligibility. In such cases, a separate ACSA order is not necessary for each shipment. A command consisting of the Service component commander and all those Service forces, such as individuals, units, detachments, organizations, and installations under that command, including GL-4 Glossary CJCSI Once this has been completed, the draft must be staffed within the U.