Its presentation as a giant Meckel’s diverticulum (>5 cm) is rare and is Publisher: El divertículo de Meckel corresponde a la persistencia. Intussusception secondary to Meckel’s diverticulum in a 3-month-old girl. Case reportInvaginación intestinal secundaria a diverticulo de Meckel en niña de 3. Int. J. Morphol., 25(3), CASE REPORT. Meckel’s Diverticulum. A Case Report. Divertículo de Meckel. Reporte de Caso. Sampath Madhyastha.

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,eckel surgical technique performed ds diverticulectomy and enterorrhaphy in 37 patients The diagnosis of the Meckel’s diverticulum can be made by Technetium scan. A total of 45 patients aged between 0 and 68 years were operated on.

Meckel’s diverticulum was first explained by Fabricius Hildanus in the sixteenth century and later named after Johann Friedrich Meckelwho described the embryological origin of this type of diverticulum in From the archives of the AFIP.

Bleeding is the most common complication in children. Se continuar a navegar, consideramos que aceita o seu uso. In asymptomatic patients resection of the diverticulum or ileal segment that contains has been advocated in most studies, in that strategies to determine the risk factors age, sex, diverticulum length proved ineffective in decision remove prophylactically or not the diverticulum.

In less acute cases, where the disease was suspected and it was possible to complete the study for a specific diagnosis, endoscopy, colonoscopy, scintigraphy with Tc 99 and arteriography were subsequently used Fig. He was discharged on day 10 without further complications. In patients with intestinal obstruction, simple abdominal X-ray may show an enterolith in the lower right quadrant of the image However, the exact values for the above criteria range from 0.


BMJ Best Practice

On physical examination was in regular general condition, dehydration, meeckel and suffering facies. It was held segmentary enterectomy encompassing the area of the diverticulum and terminoterminal primary enteroanastomosis in two planes. Laboratory data showed severe anemia with hemoglobin level of 3.

Its interior showed circular mucous folds similar to that of the proximal part of the ileum. A brief review of this anomaly, its embryological explanation, and probable clinical implications with its management is discussed in this report.

Detailed knowledge of the pathophysiological properties is essential in dealing with the life-threatening complications of Meckel’s diverticulum.

Meckel’s diverticulum MD is a vestigial remnant of the omphalomesenteric duct of the foetal digestive tract, which was not fully reabsorbed before birth.

Treatment is surgical, potentially with a laparoscopic resection. Singapore Med Divertidulo ; The diverticulum was the cause of the disease and required surgery in all these cases.

Preoperative detection of symptomatic MD requires a high index suspicion, and arrangement of the diagnostic tests. He denied abdominal pain, episodes of diarrhea or use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Mecekl of the diverticulum is most common in young children, especially in males who are less than 2 years of age.

The history of the individual and cause of the death is not known. Francisca Dias de Castro?? Scintigraphy with Tc Many of the patients had no history of the condition and where it did exist, it was very varied, and no causal relationship could therefore be meckeel.


In adults, intestinal obstruction is more common clinical presentation, from intussusception mechanisms, volvo, enterocolitos or fitobezoares. No specialised tests are needed when there diveryiculo clear clinical suspicion and surgery must be performed without delay in emergency cases. The other major complications are hemorrhage, obstruction, intussusception, diverticulitis and perforation. Heterotopic means the displacement of an organ from its normal anatomic location.

Meckel’s diverticulum

Colonoscopy might be helpful to rule out other sources of bleeding but it is not used as an identification idverticulo.

The manifestation of signs and symptoms of the diverticulum is dependent on complications 5. He underwent a small bowel capsule endoscopy, although this procedure was incomplete, fresh blood was seen in the distal ileum, without identification of any lesion. Abdominal ultrasound can be used as a screening technique in patients with acute abdominal pain, as provides a tubular and compressible hyperechoic image 14which explains the local inflammatory process and indicates emergency surgery.

Rectal examination revealed red blood in stools. In some mecel, bleeding occurs without warning and may stop spontaneously.