Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jeremias Gotthelf () war das Pseudonym des Die schwarze Spinne: Novelle (German Edition) Kindle Edition. Die Schwarze Spinne is a religious allegory about morals and religious living in the mid-nineteenth century, written by Jeremias Gotthelf. This work is an. About Gotthelf: Die Schwarze Spinne. Jeremias Gotthelf was the pseudonym of Albert Bitzius (), a Protestant pastor and one of Switzerland’s most.

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Von dem Augenblicke an, als Christine mit dem geraubten Kinde den Berg hinuntergefahren war dem Teufel zu, war heilloser Schreck in alle Herzen gefahren. Drei Batzen gilt schwarzee Anken. Da hatte der geschworen: View all 8 comments. Somit spitzte er seinen Mund gegen Christines Gesicht, und Christine konnte nicht fliehen, war wiederum wie gebannt, steif und starr. The priests commiserate, but nonetheless, the enslaved serfs’ lives are made up of unending misery and early death without justice.

Es wurde gemehret und wohl besorgt, und als die Kinder auferwachsen waren, so waren sie nicht nur nicht um ihr Gut betrogen, sondern noch viel weniger um ihre Seelen. This was surprisingly good after a weird beginning. And when the promise is broken, the cheek where he placed his lips starts to burn.

I recommend this to all, who enjoy classic tales of supernatural. Everyone knows you don’t agree to anything with the devil. Ein einziges Weib schrie nicht den andern gleich. I have a general rule that, once I have started to read a book, I must continue with it to the end before I can claim the right to comment on it.

The task of moving the trees suddenly became very easy and was quickly completed. I have always loved the horror genre, mainly because I am intriguedand terrifiedby the premise that there are things still beyond our comprehension or even imagination about our vast universe.

Dieses Haus aber betrachteten alle mit Ehrfurcht, fast wie eine Kirche.

Die schwarze Spinne by Jeremias Gotthelf

Hans, des armen Weibes Mann, hatte sein Versprechen nur zu gut gehalten. The holy men race to gottjelf birth with holy water, beating Christine in the race to claim the babes by seconds!


Da erbot sich Christine willig dazu, denn hatte man einmal mit dem Teufel zu tun gehabt, so konnte es das zweitemal wenig mehr schaden. Do not hazard a guess as to how a spider and baptism could be related. Written inand despite reflecting attitudes common to the era about women and class, it is as scary and horrific and disgusting as any modern horror novel! In a staged version was put on conducted by Silvio Varviso.

Planting beeches will actually take them several months to do and of course, there will be no food to eat for the next year. Legs crack out of the skin. I wonder which is more horrific today – the graphic account of death and mayhem at the behest of the spider or the fact that a whole society was being held together socially on the basis of fear and anxiety. Fun to see how old misconceptions hang around for hundreds of years However, even if confused mixed and horrifically unjust messages is all the comfort the living can count on from faith, praise the Lord, right?

It was a short, well-translated story.

To relax is declared wicked by our hero, god. What does god or the devil care about justice? That seems totally normal, right? The grandfather ends his story on that note, and the christening celebration continues jovially until later that scjwarze.

Gotthelf: Die Schwarze Spinne

In many ways, The Black Spider is quite a simple religious allegorical tale, but it does have some genuinely terrifying and horrific moments.

Regardless of Bitzius’ own views we are not expertthere is much meat for a cultural analysis of Middle European pre-modernity in its last days in this story. Dieser Rat erhielt allgemeinen Beifall, wie auch die Kindbettileute einredeten, man solle doch nicht vom Tische weg; wenn man einmal davon sei, so bringe man die Menschen fast nicht mehr dazu.

Books by Jeremias Gotthelf. Apr 05, Meike rated it really liked it Shelves: On his father’s death he went in the same capacity to Herzogenbuchsee, and later to Bern Verlag GmbH first published He has set the reader up for a multi-layered morality tale that loosely bases itself on pre-modern folk interpretations of the causes of the plague.


The horror, for me, lay as much in the latter as the former but then, if the author is right, my lack of fear of God would have meant that I would not have lasted long if the demon spider had been released in my town. Schon vor eilf rief man zum Essen, aber nur die Diensten, speiste die vorweg, und zwar reichlich, aber man war doch froh, wenn sie, die Knechte namentlich, einem aus dem Wege kamen.

When the women are told what’s going on, they believe they can help their men, but it becomes obvious that this is not working out. I’ve written up my thoughts here ; feel free to go take a look there at a longer version of what I’ll say here. Es nahte Weihnacht, die heilige Nacht.

Da dachte sie an Gott und griff mit rascher Hand die Votthelf. Those stupid asshole knights wanting their stupid Buddy read with the spookalicious Karly. Published for spooooky month!

As Tessier concludes, the work is a “macabre, darkly glittering classic,” and it is one that I can certainly recommend to any horror or fantasy fan today Swiss novellas Biedermeier literature novels short stories Gothic novels Weird fiction Demon novels Swiss novels adapted into films Novels adapted into operas.

Die Schwartze Spinne is the Novelle for which Gotthelf is most widely known. However, they hadn’t reckoned on the black spider, a reminder that the huntsman “would not suffer himself to be duped without recompense.

Aber gestehen will ich es: