From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies. Dennis Baron. This article contained some interesting facts about the origins of. In “From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies,” Dennis Baron attempts to explain the histories of writing technologies. Baron, Dennis. (). From pencils to pixels: The stages of literacy technologies . In Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe (Eds.), Passions.

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I can accept the advice of a bicycle mechanic I know, because baorn have a history, but posters to a newsgroup are all strangers to me. He describes the four main stages all new technologies go through: When we write with cutting-edge tools, it is easy to forget that whether it consists of energized particles on a screen or ink embedded in paper or lines gouged into clay tablets, writing itself is always first and foremost a technology, a way of engineering materials penci,s order to accomplish an end.

People had to learn how to converse on the telephone: The question of authenticity of writing in the context of the computer and the internet is obviously a concern for anyone using them today. An example Baron uses to display the stages of new literacy technology is the telephone. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Computer gurus offer us a brave new world of communications where we will experience cognitive changes of a magnitude never before known.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Another example he uses to demonstrate the affects of technology on literacy is about spell check. When I read newsgroups and electronic discussion lists, I must develop new means for establishing the expertise or authority of a poster.

Although the rate of change of computer development is significantly greater, it is still too early to do significant speculating. The Printing Press as an Agent of Change. Indeed, although ffrom now consider it indispensable, like writing, the uses of the telephone were not immediately apparent to many people.

However, I wish he had given examples outside of this very specific situation. Writing About Writing p. How the computer will eventually alter literacy practices remains to be seen. The engineer Henry Petroski portrays the development of the wood-cased pencil as a paradigm of the engineering process, hinging on the solution of two essential problems: The more clay, the harder the lead, and the lighter and crisper the barom less clay gives a darker, grainier mark.

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Email required Address never made public.

Only when Macintosh and Windows operating systems allowed users to create on-screen documents that looked and felt like the old, familiar documents they were used to creating on electric typewriters did word-processing really become popular.

Supporters and critics compare new writing technologies to old ones. The pencil also brought about another problem — authentication. Clay tokens bearing similar marks appear for several thousand years before these first inscriptions.

By Thoreau pencils were winning recognition. In some cities, news and sports broadcasts were delivered over the telephone, competing with the radio Marvin Overall, I found this article denniss be very interesting!! Pencil-making processes were from the outset proprietary secrets as closely guarded as any Macintosh code. This was because they thought it was better if students were able to get it write the first time.

Pencils to Pixels

The Speaker of the House of Representatives suggested that inner-city school children should try laptops to improve their performance. It is true that Thoreau rejected modern improvements like the telegraph as worthless illusions. All the university people whom we have attacked have been specialists in technical fields But even today, most written text does not transcribe spoken language: But pencil technology has advanced to the point where the ubiquitous no.

The trom curse of mankind, folly and ignorance, be thine in great revenue! According to Petroski, Thoreau began his research in the Harvard Library.

This article contained some interesting facts about the origins of some of the most commonly used writing technologies we use today and how they developed. But to my chagrin he excluded humanists from his list of sinister technocrats because he found them to be harmless.

It was widely known within the CIA. Examples of how to cite sources in MLA format are easy to find. Someone intent on committing more serious deception can with not too much trouble alter text, sound, tk, and video files. This process allowed the French to produce their own pencils, and it also permitted manufacturers to control the hardness of the lead, which in turn controlled the darkness t the mark made by the pencil.


For example, the development of the pencil is not all that different from that of the computer because of the way it was produced and the way it evolved through time. pixeos

Theories of Literacy

As people discovered that telephones could further romantic liaisons, guardians of the public morality voiced concern pencilw disgust that sweethearts were actually making kissing noises over the phone. Abron ore crumbled or produced a scratchy line. At the same time, start-up costs decreased significantly and with new, affordable hardware, computer writing technology quickly moved from the imitation of typing to the inclusion of graphics.

Another major invention in communication technology was the telephone, which was rejected by many at first. Only then does the technology come into its own, no longer imitating the previous forms given us by the earlier communications technology but creating new forms and new possibilities for communication.

Email required Address never made public. Not only must the new technology be accessible and useful, it must demonstrate its trustworthiness as well. Provenance, in the world of conventional documents, is everything. The Stages of Literacy Technologies. Historians of print are fond of pointing to the invention of the printing press in Europe as the second great cognitive revolution Eisenstein Notify me of new comments via email. Of course, the Unabomber and the Lead Pencil Club think otherwise.

They could be called to attest whether or not a property transfer had taken place.