De Sauty Bridge, De Sauty Bridge phasor diagram, De Sauty Bridge is used to, De Sauty Bridge diagram, De Sauty Bridge advantages and disadvantages. DE-SAUTY BRIDGE Object: To determine the capacitance of capacitor by De- Sauty bridge. Apparatus Used: De-Sauty bridge, connecting wire, Head phone. Do not copy and publish it. DEV: PCM POINT 1. DE-SAUTY BRIDGE Object: To determine the capacitance of two capacitors by De-Sauty bridge. Apparatus.

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This the required equation.


For first position No. To verify the expression for the focal length of a combination of two lenses. Let us mark the current drop across unknown capacitor as e 1voltage drop across the resistor r 3 be e 3voltage drop across arm be e 4 and voltage drop across arm be e 2.

AD arm resistance of P. What are the drawbacks of De Sauty’s bridge? In order to draw the phasor diagram we have taken e 3 or e 4 reference axis, e 1 and e 2 are shown at right angle to e 1 or e 2. Table for I g Sr. The circuit of De Sauty’s bridge is shown below. Let us derive the expression for capacitor c 1 in terms of standard capacitor and resistors.


Answered Mar 18, What is the unit of G in S. Length of polarimeter tube: Table for angle of 1st order diffraction Telescope reading for reflection Sr. What is the I.

De Sauty Bridge

The plane of the coil should be set in the magnetic medium. What is the SI unit of pressure?

Deflection in magnetometer along -axis of coil. Voltmeter used in calibration fe shunted galvanometer should be of nearly same range. Why is Wheatstone bridge not used to measure low resistance? To avoid inductive effect short straight wires should be used. Reading of Vernier for direct image: By making the phasor diagram we can calculate dissipation factor.

Table for angle of prism Sr. Circuit diagram of De-Sauty Bridge Observation: Width of slit Sr. To convert Weston galvanometer to a ammeter of current range 0 to 1. At balance point on equating the voltage drops we have: What is the standard unit of time?


Calibration of shunted galvanometer Sr. Now let us draw and study the phasor diagram of this bridge.


What are the limitations of a metre bridge? Table for the value of P, Q and R resistances Sr. Avoid pressing keys for large time otherwise cell will be discharged.

Thus the dauty of shunt wire required for converting the given galvanometer in to ammeter of range 0 to 1.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Observation: Ammeter used in calibration of shunted galvanometer should be of nearly same range. This modification is done by Grover. What is the S.