How do I implement and test the Simple Order API/SOAP Toolkit API connection keys in order to successfully submit transactions to CyberSource. Refer to the appropriate API implementation documentation for instructions. The CyberSource Simple Order API enables you to access CyberSource services using name-value pairs, XML, or SOAP toolkit. This document describes the. With Simple Order API, you integrate using CyberSource’s API software developer kits (SDKs). You or a hosting provider hosts your secure, customized order.

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With multiple partial refunds you cannot go over the original settlement cybersourcw with the default configuration. Do I need to conduct the whole transaction – authorize and capture – via cybersource? Personal identifier, supported only for Cybersource Latin American Processing.

The address verification response for the credit card. This field requires a valid email address. The shipping portion is the charge for shipping the product to the customer. After you have gone live, you can still access the testing environment from your Business Center at: My question involving whether I needed to employ CyberSource from end-to-end was the correct path.

Zuora ensures your payment transactions are routed to the right environment mode based on whether the Use Gateway Test Environment is selected. The unit price of the item, including decimals, in the currency defined on the order, minus any hidden tax included in the item price.

For example, if two items are on the order, the first item would be set to 0 and the second item would be set to 1. From the Authentication value field in the Order Payment Method table. If you are using the CyberSource gateway with First Data processor and you would like to process American Express credit card transactions which settle in Canadian currency, you will ensure you are using a First Data platform that supports your requirements.

Article on “What are the features of the Export Compliance Check? Eventually I figured out – after talking for days with CyberSource support – that I needed to use their “Set Service” in a WebApi method to generate the PayPal “token” and give that to the PayPal button via ajax within the javascript that generates the button.


In general, gateway testing environments are intended to give merchants the opportunity to test their gateway and integrations to their gateway, in order to work out any bugs before going to the production environment. Y defaults if the transaction qualifies for level II discounting; otherwise, this value is not passed.

The city on the ship to address. Courier or same day service. The CWSerenade sold to customer number. The handling portion is the fee you charge the customer to cover your administrative selling costs. The priority level ranges from 1 highest — 5 lowest ; the default value is 3.

CyberSource Simple Order payment gateway

Select one of the following values from the list: CWSerenade replaces the following special characters with the text strings listed below. We recommend you review Setting Up Payment Gateways for information on these fields including: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If orser transaction was accepted, Cybersource returns a token in the requestToken tag.

Also, review their support article: This setting allows merchants to stop passing the credit card expiry details to this specific payment gateway. If a merchant tries to process a payment against the same credit card too many times despite receiving errors, this could trigger warnings to the card issuing bank. The reason the transaction was approved or rejected by Decision Manager. The token for the credit card payment.

The amount reversed by Cybersource, including decimals, in the currency defined on the order. From the Unit of measure field in the SKU table. However, it also indicates that there was a successful connection between Zuora and CyberSource. The address verification response for the credit card, from the processor.

Or what is the way I can take the paypal-generated button and authorize a transaction, then capture it via CyberSource?

  FESTO CPV14-VI 18210 PDF

The unique transaction ID assigned by Cybersource for the transaction. For failed payments processed using the CyberSource payment gateway, Z-Payments will provide the gateway Response Reason Code for example, and Response Reason text for example, general decline of the card.

Included only if you do not use credit card tokenization or if the credit card payment has not yet been replaced with a token from Cybersource.

View CyberSource support documentation to understand the difference between test and live modes. The card identification number defined for the card. Additionally, gateway test environments also referred to as certification or sandbox environments do not have the same high availability or performance capability as production environments. I also had to dig deep into their and PayPal’s documentation and to figure out how to make that work because it wasn’t super clear initially.

Cybersource Message Layouts

See the documentation for your Cybersource client SDK for information about how to handle retries in the case of system errors. From the Purchase order field in the Order Ship To table. Net pre-built client and here to build your own client. The rule cannot be evaluated because an error occurred. The system uses this calculation to determine the tax rate:. From the Business Center, you can view all your transactions. Merchant defined fields cannot be used to capture personally identifying information.

Zuora recommends that you use this value. Indicates that the customer provided potentially suspicious information.

CyberSource Payment Gateway – Zuora

Cybersource uses this code to reference the customer profile information in the Cybersource database. Type of payment card account, such as credit card, debit card, or prepaid card account type. The SKU of orfer item on the deposit. Using that for a refund request is called a follow on refund request and requires the capture to happen first.