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AuthorThesis advisorOpponent The results confirmed the cutaneous passage of the two active ingredients and helped to determine their topical bioavailability. Thus, the statin-aminobisphosphonate combination exhibits skin anti-aging properties.

In a second time, in order to quantify the rate of percutaneous absorption of active ingredients, a diffusion study was performed in vitro on pig ear skin via static Franz diffusion cells.

A histological study and a quantitative microscopy analysis show that cellualire topical application of the statin-aminobisphosphonate combination statistically increases ermal thickness, the increase in both epidermis and cartilage thickness being xau the limit of statistical significance.

The first part of this work is to study in vivo, on czu ear, the effect of a topical administration of a statin-aminobisphosphonate combination. Since the end of the 19th century, many authors have studied the morphoge nesis of the follicles during the embryonic and fetal development of the gland in Man and other species, principally Chick, Rat and Rabbit.

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The toxicity of progerin is related to the persistence of an isoprenoid group, which anchors the progerin to the nucleoplasmic face of the nuclear envelope, and causes abnormalities in the nuclear matrix composition and functions. By comparison with a placebo and with a commercially available cosmetic, the cosmetic preparation containing the statin4 aminobisphosphonate combination leads to a statistically significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and a decrease in volume of the hollow of the cheek.


Moreover, histological examination of pathological human glands and adult thyroids experimentally stimulated by thyrotropin hormone TSH has provided additional data for the understanding of thyroid follicle morphogenesis.

The development of techniques for culturing organs of higher animals, in particular the thyroid by Carrel and Burrows and Champy, allowed the study of the survival in vivo or in vitro of grafts or explants of thyroid gland obtained from adult or fetal animals. An oil-in-water emulsion containing two molecules has been developed and applied on the right mouse ear during 28 days; a placebo formula was applied on the left ear.

De plus, l’expression bioloige de CD et les concentrations de CDs varient au cours de grossesses pathologiques. In addition to organotypic cultures, techniques for culturing cell suspensions obtained by enzymatic dissociation have recently been refined.

Cau, Pierre Overview. In higher Vertebrates the adult thyroid gland consists of vesicles i. We can conclude that both topically administered molecules penetrate the different skin layers.

BrafVE mutant dau are embryonic lethal at mid-gestation, probably due to coinciding vascular and brain defects. It has been demonstrated that a combination of a statin and an aminobisphosphonate reduces the synthesis of isoprenoid group and reduces as well the cellular toxicity of progerin. The largest CMN, covering entire segments of the body or head, are syndromic.

The “iterative deconvolution” procedure used in the analysis by the “cross-fire method” of electron ppierre autoradiograms ; application biooogie the detection membrane sources by Pierre Cau 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. French 30 English 9. Most widely held works by Pierre Cau. In order to verify the activity of the statin-aminobiphosphonates association on skin aging, a comparative, double-blind, randomized clinical study was then conducted in humans during three months.

Cau, Pierre 1947-

This is associated with increased hair follicle density, and a deregulated hair cycle. In contrast, NrasG12D mice are viable, present extracutaneous melanocytosis in various sites as well as postnatal hyperpigmentation of the skin. Cours de biologie cellulaire by Pierre Cau Book 9 editions published between and in French and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


They arise from a multipotent embryonic cell population called the neural crest, which also gives rise to the peripheral nervous system of the body and many other cell types.

Cau, Pierre [WorldCat Identities]

Cytology Courd Morphogenesis Organ culture Thyroid gland. Abnormal proliferation of melanocyte precursors before birth can lead to coufs congenital melanocytic nevus CMN. For cosmetic applications, the systemic exposure dose SED was used to calculate the margin of safety MS required by cosmetic regulatory rules.

An abnormal protein, progerin, synthesized in a rare genetic disease called Progeria resulting in child accelerated aging, also accumulates during physiological aging, in the absence of mutation, in nucleus of cells, particularly keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts. Morphogenesis of thyroid follicles in vitro by Pierre Cau Book 8 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide The thyroid gland first appears in the phylogenic scale in the Lamprey larva, Ammocoetes, at the time of metamorphosis see review by Constantinescu, Objective physical measurements of skin micro-relief on crows’ feet and of the hollow cheek were performed at time 0 and after 28, 56 and 84 days of cosmetic treatment.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Cell culture of mutant or wildtype mouse neural crest cells of both genotypes has permitted the comparison and discovery of molecular differences introduced by these mutations.