Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great .. Available Course; Charm Warfare – the Art of Charm for Seductresses. The Art of Seduction – Part 2. Great seductresses from history her and her comforts she would withdraw, forcing him to pursue her and do her bidding ie. war. The Charmer page 79 Charm is seduction without sex. .. These first great seductresses were like military generals planning the destruction of an . Getting into the targets’ skin is the first important tactical move in the war of penetration.

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This book makes full use of the properties of human desire to your own advantage. There is more than one author by this name on Goodreads. The second half, though interesting, is a bit repetitive.

The Art of Seduction – Part 2 · The Lindy Charm School

And also to seductreeses them in unique experiences – museums, plays, the beach – so they associate you with interestingness, adventure, and danger. It takes years to learn, but I suggest you start today and practice, practice, practice. It even goes over types of women from history who were seductresxes, as well as the rakes and Don Juans. I pay more attention to people’s social cues.

Robert Greene is profoundly pragmatic and honest and I love this about his writings. Personally, I find this book to be better dharm so you can find positive qualities within yourself and embellish them for more charm and social power. The book is thick, but you’ll soon be immersed in the interwoven tales of renowned courtesansleaders, and stars.

The Art Of Being A Feminine Woman

My knee-jerk reaction to Robert Greene’s books as judged by his always detailed tables of contents was that they were distasteful and manipulative. If you follow the steps in this book, though, you’re essentially becoming a heartless, arrt manipulator. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’ve almost come to blows on more than one occasion by some jealous jerk who has no other reason to mug me than he is envious of how much the other women like me.


Books by Robert Greene. From a historical perspective, this book is interesting but over embellished. Manipulation is fine as long as the intention is good. The author uses many of the same example used vharm the first half. The first half is amazing, a awrfare must read, as it goes into the different ways one can seduce. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I just think this book makes you understand human behavior and why a some things are the way they are. It’s not a sefuctresses, it’s hyper-awareness. See all 16 questions about The Art of Seduction….

I’m a bit more vigilant against advertisers, politicians, and used car salesmen. Etiquette for Ladies, you can find here. Robert and Joost became partners and inThe 48 Chrm of Power was born. It doesn’t stop after you’ve seduced a mate; you keep them seduced by reading their signals, anticipating their needs, and reacting accordingly. I mention that for fir with a lots of life experience, this book is of lesser use.

The Art of Seduction: 24 Laws of Persuasion

If you follow the s From a psychological perspective, this book is fascinating. The way the novel conveys information reminds me of “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, more of an observation or psychoanalysis of the patterns of human behavior and providing strate This book is a very interesting analysis on patterns of people’s behavior using compelling examples of historical figures and events.

As a man what I learned from this book is how to allow myself to be slightly feminine in order to mirror female psychology and thereby entrance them like a bird looking at its own reflection. The historical aspect to The Art of Seduction can compensate for the instructional aspect for those who are already skilled in playing the dating game.

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C have to maintain a constant charj to continue relationships. Sexiness and power are not mutually exclusive.

Some people condemn the techniques and strategies cnarm here to be “amoral” and Machiavellian, but the truth of the matter is: These skills are not just for getting laid. To pay by credit card; please click the following buy now button. The film juxtaposes retired corrections officer Mr. This course that will give you the charm and magnetism of the famous courtesans, geisha and seductresses – the world’s greatest charmeuses. Throw your ethics out the window before you start reading, although it is very much unisexual.

Sitting in the middle of these polarities is councilman Brandon Scottan srductresses politician who wants to bridge between the police and the citizens.

I believe this is to make the truth of what he says more interesting. I used to char this book every night before I went out salsa dancing and I would practice trying to “cast a seductive spell” over women, and I got quite good at it. Also the book features great advices but you have to be selective when it comes to it as it doesn’t involve the whole book some parts are pure subjective and others are very relatable but some are interesting to say the least.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Listened to the audiobook. I also came to learn that seduction is continuous. You can’t use for good as well as for bad, the point however is very simple “you need to learn seduction in order to influence or resist others” You’ll learn how to hold an absolute sway over men – no matter what you look like.