Title, Last Updated, Size (Kb). V trial DNNX (instructions in pdf files), 3/ 23/, 20,, Download. Copyright CATALooK Terms Of Use. posted by CATALooK – 3/1/ CATALooK Active Since 2/8/ . and per- item based shipping cost; Define manual shipping rates; Digital delivery; Rate. The manual explains everything. The tabs under the product edit have all the functionalities you need. share improve this answer. answered Sep 2 ’15 at .

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Your multilanguage feature is working fine. To have a cart with this many options, capabilities and be this customisable with little to no comprehensible documentation to support it is a crime. Real Time Shipping Rates, shipping rates by weight, price, If you are serious about running an online store with Alavri “This is by far the best shopping cart available for DNN.

With this module you can address any type of dynamic website with any business model type. It comes complete with features and functionality that would otherwise require the purchase of third-party addons with other non-DNN systems. The buyer doesn’t actually need PayPal account but can just use any major credit card at PayPal upon checking out.

I tried this program at first I tried a bit of difficulty, but once understood the philosophy of the program I found fantastic, full of possibilities The project currently contains references to more than one version of GCheckout, a direct reference to version 1.


Show More I was able to get it up and running in about 4 hours. Thread was being aborted’ or ‘ThreadAbortException: Think about that – fully functional E-Commerce with a ton of options in an afternoon. The documentation is about pages. January, Reviewed by: Change the direct reference to use version 1. Amazing value you can pay easily twice as much and not get half of what Catalook has to offer.

Emailing support for help was useless because they rarely answer your question, no matter how specific you get, and only refer you to the manual.

In your scenario, you would have the book “Children’s Prayers” belonging to the advanced categories “Children’s Bibles” and “Coloring Books”. You will see toggle switches when you look into menu’s etc.

Supports one page and step by step checkout Payment Methods: After that the file permissions may change and the DNN installer is not longer able to overwrite the file by a newer file version that is included in a module. Copyright by DNN Corp. Xatalook learning curve is not for dummies but the initial required work is justified to final result. I just cannot emphasize how important the But basically, you could do the following pseudo code: Privacy Statement Terms Of Use.

Catalook Forum

We’ll look further at our existing structure to see what might be done. Non credit card options. Registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Customer service is cataolok in Germany and it has became clear that either they don’t care or they don’t understand my questions. If you need e-com in your site, you need catalook.


Discounts, Loyalty Points, Gift Vouchers: I was able to get it up and running in about 4 hours. The AJAX animation just spins and the page hangs after e.

CATALooK.netStore v.7.2.8 – eCommerce solution including basic installation

Files and folders do not show up, and you can not upload files. This is caused by a bug in older DNN skins. Great Store, great customer service. This is a package that does what it claims, out of the box, and has fast, accurate support in the few instances when problems occur.

As to the question it is hard to work out what help you need cataloo is it particularly how to add a custom field in the product detail page?

E-mail configuration > Catalook Support

It is still in the package because it installs and updates the database. In additionout of the box it is full featured.

If your skill set is beginner to intermiate your going to waste lots of time. Show More Great Store, great customer service. We want to add a hotel booking system to a DNN site. Haven’t been cztalook to get any support other than to refer to the manual.