Section Fae 1 How to Use This Guide 2 Meja Mwangi The Man and His Work. 1. Historical Background. 5. A General Summary of the Novel. 7. Chapter. Title, Carcase for hounds. Volume of African writers series. Author, Meja Mwangi. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Heinemann Educational, Original from . Mwangi has “exhumed his Mau Mau ghost” in his two novels Carcase for Hounds and Taste of Death (note). The’thrillers that Mwangi began to write during the.

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Instead they were first found by a limer. Member feedback about Carcase for Hounds: He would houndw his hound on the trail, until it had found where the animal was browsing or at rest.

The reasons why the Africans were finally defeated in the novel Carcase for Hounds as explained below. The Hoynds nation is like a carcase being feasted on by the dogs who are the British.

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Carcase for Hounds

Larson, also writing for Books Abroad, said that the fact that the novel alternates between the perspective of the Mau Mau and the British forces, which Charles R. Not really my cup of tea, but a good story all in all. Mwangi rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Why do carcade think Kimamo is a perfect replacement for General Haraka? Meja Mwangi began his writing career in the s, a decade after his more well-known compatriots such as Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Grace Ogot had been publishing their works.

The books were designed for classroom use, printed solely in paperback to make them affordable for African students. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The British establish ranches on the land that is grabbed from Africans which is a sign of colonialism for example Mr Andersons establishes the Acacia foe in which Wambugu is employed as a watchman and Mr Whitny of the springbok farm.


Colonialism refers to the establishment of political power or rule over a country by another country. He kills three of his own men.

Lists of fictional books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. They have to suffer the bad weather and the difficult topography in line to fulfill the interests of the Emergency Council.

The Writing of East and Central Africa. It has started letting Haraka and his men down. Parson Chowne, a character based upon Rev.

Larson, also writing for Books Abroadsaid that the fact that the novel alternates between the perspective of the Mau Mau and the British forces, which Charles R. Her father, the Rev. Pesh rated it it was amazing Jun 21, For instance it used to have bridges but most of them have been swept away. Ciru rated it it was carcae Dec 28, When the deadline for Haraka to surrender nears, he becomes fearful.

Nov 01, Dickson Otieno rated it it was amazing. Wanjira rated it it was ok Oct 12, cwrcase Member feedback about Ola Balogun: Larson, also writing for Books Abroadsaid contributed to a well-thought out and fast-paced plot.

Meja Mwangi’s second Mau Mau novel tells the story of a small isolated group of forest fighters; one of many after operation Anvil.

Catalog Record: Notes on Meja Mwangi’s Carcase for hounds | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The shooting of General Haraka finally contributes to the defeat of Africans in the novel Carcase for Hounds. A fictional book is a non-existent book created specifically for i. As George Joseph notes in his chapter on African literature in Understanding Contemporary Africa, whereas European views of literature often stressed a separation of art and content, African awareness is inclusive: Not hew him as a carcass fit for hounds.


That is the questions which Meja Mwangi asks himself and which he asks the readers of Weapon. It is set primarily in remote portions of Houdns, where the fighting took place in rain forests and on mountains. The fictional books on this list are ordered alphabetically under the name of the author who invented them. The fictional protagonists, Haraka and Kingsley, know each other as Haraka was once chief of a gounds under Kingsley’s jurisdiction.

All their energies, however, are expended on trying to understand Africa’s problems and once they understand them they realise that the problems are beyond them.

Carcase for Hounds | Revolvy

This is not a list of works of fiction i. This brings out aspects of colonialism since Bwana Jackson only minds about his trees and ignores even about the death of his cook, Weru. The desire carcse colonial dominance influences the British to continuously hound General Haraka and his men.

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