Moins que zéro by Bret Easton Ellis at – ISBN – ISBN – Robert Laffont – – Softcover. En attendant la sortie du prochain Ellis, annoncé comme une suite de Moins que Zéro, relecture de ce chef-d’oeuvre des 80’s, qui me fit. Il ne reste plus que 6 exemplaire(s) en stock (d’autres exemplaires sont en . Cet article:Less Than Zero par Bret Easton Ellis Broché EUR 10,89 . Zero (Picador Classic Book 97) (English Edition) sur votre Kindle en moins d’une minute.

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It means to sicken, and it does. The Village Voice blurb on the back of ellus copy calls Less Than Zero “sexy and sassy,” which has to be one of the most bizarre characterizations imaginable: The only external plot is Clay trying to get in touch with one of his friends to get money back from him.

Regardless, although I find Californian debauchery as titillating as the next man, I couldn’t stomach its relentlessness throughout. The eyes don’t look at me, though.

Voir les deux commentaires. That being said it was still written well and the emotions believable and tactile. I never wondered why this kid was doing the things that he did, and that was where the book worked for me, because it’s what created a kind of bridge to other lives, including my own. Voir eastin des Description du produit.

I don’t know why I always feel like describing Bret Easton Ellis books as “charming”. But I don’t believe you can use a criticism of that to make an apples-to-apples comparison to other books that do have faster-moving plots; you have to suspend all that with a book like this.

And this was written decades ago, in the eighties, where the main characters unironically listened to Duran Duran and opped quaaludes. As his friends find progressively more violent and perverted ways to get their kicks, he struggles to keep his aloof exterior intact and is eventually brought to the brink of desperation. Esston all the kids look good, have rich, prominent parents, they feel empty and trying to fill that with getting high and sleeping around.

Picture a never esston escalator for ghosts. There’s a note on the kitchen table that e,lis me that my mother and sisters are out, Christmas shopping. However, I found Holden Caulfield to be more zwro than Clay by a long shot.

There is something that keeps you glued to the pages. This is the first thing Moin hear when I come back to the city. American Psycho is a novel that is a force, and I doubt there are that many people who feel indifferent about it.


They wear the same fashionable clothes, have the same hairstyles and suntans, listen to the same bands and frequent the same restaurants and nightclubs.

LIVRE : Moins que Zéro (Less than Zero) de Bret Easton Ellis – – Shangols

Not sure how much the book contributed to it, but anyhoo. The book remains as relevant now as the day it was published. I already knew I liked the authors style of writing from reading American Psycho. Another story, another nightmare, and less captivating.

The kids have the nicest cars, know the right people, have money to go out and eat lunch, to the movies, clubbing, buying drugs but they only learn about where and what their parents do through magazines and they are searching for something, but can’t get it from nothing or no-one. Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? Basically, Less than Zero is the story of an angst-riddled teenager utterly desensitized to everything, and eager to leave it all behind.

It was definitely one of the most crazy and messed up stories I’ve ever read, maybe the most messed up.

Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon. Open Preview See a Problem? Not the fact that I’m eighteen and it’s December and the ride on the plane had been rough and the couple from Santa Barbara, ellus were sitting across from me in first class, had gotten pretty drunk. In only pages, Ellis manages to weave an exciting narrative about the disillusioned Clay, who has come to LA to see a family he doesn’t really love and a city he doesn’t want to be in.

Throughout the novel, someone will inform Clay that “someone” as OD’d, or died. La gente ha paura di buttarsi mons traffico delle autostrade a Los Angeles. She stops at my house and the gate’s open and I get out of the car, uqe to feel how dry and hot it is. I often found myself laughing in agreement, as many of the chapters in the book could be describing the night life and drug culture at my university, albeit without references to Duran Duran and land eklis telephones.

I read “Less Than Zero” when it was first published in the UK simply because it takes its title from one of my favourite Elvis Costello songs, and then I was encouraged by reading that the protagonist has a poster of the cover of a favourite Costello album, “Trust”.

And with my eaxton on my koins I look up with caution at the poster encased in glass that hangs on the wall above my bed, but it hasn’t changed either. Although the book I get the feeling of sadness and hopelessness.


He doesn’t explain much, his characters don’t know what the hell they’re doing on this Earth, and his subtle black humor pops up in the most unexpected places.

I stand there for a pretty long time and Blair, after helping me lift the suitcases out of the trunk, qque at me and asks, “What’s wrong? Not the warm winds, which seem to propel the car down the empty asphalt freeway, or the faded smell of marijuana which still faintly permeates Blair’s hret. Descriptions are logged as in a diary or notebook; there is little attempt to get inside the experience through suggestion or analysis. Clay’s holiday turns into a dizzying spiral of desperation that takes him through the relentless parties in glitzy mansions, seedy bars, and underground rock clubs and also into the seamy world of L.

It seems easier to hear that people are afraid to merge rather than “I’m pretty sure Muriel is anorexic” or the singer on the radio crying out about magnetic waves. Only a novel this committed to studying nothingness can inspire the extreme opposite and that’s why I think this work is remarkable, other than being well written and believableit’s the cage to bust out of, the howl from a comatose heart, the hope for an exit sign and noisy, heart beating cities full of collisions and hurt.

Images of people, teenagers my own age, looking up from the asphalt and being qus by the sun. Now, the movie on the other hand is less successful in portraying the lost generation of the 20th century.

The walls are still white; the records are still in place; the television hasn’t been moved; the venetian blinds are still open, mions as I had left them. These cracks seem to be visible only to Clay, and he tries not to share what he sees with his peers. I pick up the phone and call Julian, amazed that I actually can remember his number, but there’s no answer.

A ako vam je dobro They literally have everything they want, and do whatever the Quite possibly the most disturbing novel I’ve ever read.