Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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Finishes on steel sash must successfully resist both outdoor exposure and humidity. Thus it becomes possible in all Bonder- izing installations to treat entirely fer- rous metal production, entirely zinc, galvanized, galvannealed or cadmium sur- faced production, or any percentage mix- ture of these metals. Being in many cases continually exposed to the weather and under the necessity of presenting a fine finish appearance for a number of years, Bonderizing provides better finish protection than can proces secured in any other way.

This patent was issued as U. It is ever opening market possibilities for some- products, such as in the case of zinc die castings — by procfss highly durable paint-type finish — so that they can now be assembled into a complete product, where such finish of the die bonnderizing parts is necessary from an appearance standpoint.

Figure 2 is boncerizing Bonderized steel panel with two coats of baked enamel, pricked and subjected to hours in the salt spray. It seeks out and creeps through microscopic openings in the finish and sets up corrosion until the whole panel is affected.

Parker-Wolverine Co, Bonserizing Ave. Parker Processes give the product a selling advantage over competing lines that are less carefully finished.

Of all the products to which Bonderizing is ap- plied, none of them demonstrate its rugged char- acter quite so forcefully as its use on the automobile. It essentially provided an iron phosphating process, using phosphoric acid.

Bonderizing Process

Should the paint film become scratched or damaged in any way, rust will be blnderizing to the damaged area. Bonderizing, especially, is an invisi- ble quality that must be exploited to be of greatest sales and advertising value and the smart salesman can make it a distinct selling aid, if he will take pains to bring it to the prospect’s at- tention.

After applying the Tenifer process, a black Parkerized finish is applied and the slide is protected even if the Parkerized finish were to wear off. The process was first used on a large scale in the manufacture of firearms for the United States military during World War II.


Bonderizing helps to reduce the cost of station main- tenance and keeps pump equipment looking better without frequent refinishing. The difficulty of maintaining paint finishes is due to three main causes: This not only informs the prospective user of Parker Processes, of their merits, but it also informs industrial buyers who purchase fabricated parts for their own output and who require rust-proof fin- ishes on the equipment they purchase.

United States, but are available through a world-wide important industrial country where iron and steel are to provide equipment for rust-proofing installations, lutions or furnish a jobbing rust-proofing service for ment of his own. The Soak test consists of immersing the samples in water, maintained at F. It is the evolution of a process that has been used by American indus- try for nearly a quarter of a century. Parker, along with his son Wyman C. There bnoderizing no distortion profess dimensional change result- ing from the Bonderite Process.

Bonderized Steel – Paint Grip Galvanized Steel Supplier | Curtis Steel Company

Views Read Edit View history. Bonderized Steel Table Product-Coated: This room will accommodate large units, such as refrigerator cabinets, automobile fenders, as vvell as scores of smaller items at one time. It is a non-conductor of electrical currents, affording protection from electro- chemical corrosion of the metal.

New York – Metro. Control of the processing bath is the same as that followed in the immersion method. There are no variations necessary in technique or formula, except as to pro- cessing time. Bonderized piece was in good condition at hours, while finish was definitely broken on non- Bonderized piece at hours.

This is a continuing free service pro- vided to assure the manufacturer the greatest possi- ble benefit from the rust-proofing operation. Due to the short processing time, equipment re- quirements are minimized, less floor space is needed, and, by recirculating the solution, it is possible to process a given amount of work with a smaller volume of working solution.

Both tested for the same length of time. We also offer galvannealed steelan alternative to bonderized steel, which is a carbon steel coated with zinc on both sides by the continuous hot-dip process. It remains to be seen if these, or other new chemical conversion coatings, will ultimately replace traditional phosphating and Parkerizing. Whether your customers are consum- ers or industrial users, rust-proofing and finish durability are tangible, con- structive features that indicate careful, conscientious building in all details.


Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish. Manganese and iron phosphating coatings are usually the thickest electrochemical conversion coatings, being thicker than prrocess conversion coatings such as zinc phosphating and bluing. Specializing in black oxide peocess. The majority of these newer conversion coatings are fluorozirconium-based. While there are many different tests for checking the comparative resistance of various coatings, the salt spray and humidity tests have been widely adopted by industry in checking enamels and lacquers.

processs Parkerizing, the original Parker Process, is improved and modernized to meet today’s in- dustrial conditions. The Bonderized piece was in good condition at the end of hours, while the one not Bonderized showed defi- nite deterioration at less than hours. Each installa- tion is engineered to fit the special production requirements of the user.


Two to five minutes is usual ly sufficient, depending upon the type of metal being treated. As the work progresses on the conveyor line through the various steps of cleaning, Spra-Bonder- izing and rinsing, it passes a series of standpipes equipped with spray nozzles through which the solution is forced against the material from every conceivable angle, flooding all areas to be treated. It similarly cannot be applied to steels containing a large amount of nickelor on stainless steel.

Subsequently, an alternative technique was developed by the Parker Company to use easier-to-obtain compounds at less expense through using zinc phosphating in place of manganese phosphating.

Parkerizing – Wikipedia

Besides vanadate coatings, arsenate coatings may theoretically provide similar protection, at the risk of bondedizing a health hazard to humans and animals. To make sure that all moisture is eliminated from seams, cracks and crevices, a dry-off oven is included at the end of the line. These accelerated tests reveal in days what it might take years of actual weathering to find out.

Rust will not creep back under the paint film, damaging a wider area. New York – Upstate.