We reserve rights to make modifications to this manual without any further notice. .. Use only cables provided by Beamex when connecting MC5 to a PC or a. BEAMEX MC5-IS | FIELD EQUIPMENT FIELD EQUIPMENT | BEAMEX MC5-IS .. CD-ROM with user manual, software tools and product information. MC5 is the first of its kind modular ALL-IN-ONE multifunction calibrator. Alternately, external and manual reference junction . Internet http://www.

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To quickly tune the contrast of the display: If the settings of the Basic Mode windows suit Switch Simulation, a configuration window similar to the lower left picture is shown. The third text is displayed when ending the calibration. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this manual. Page of Go.

MC5 multifunction calibrator | Beamex

Low voltage measurement can be used for non-standard thermo- couple measurement. This makes it possible to buy a calibrator with capabilities according to current requirements.

Limit Switch Test A limit switch test displays the opening and closing point of a limit switch. All free memory may be used for anything that requires more memory. The found connection type is displayed on the resistance or RTD measurement window.

See Selecting the Instrument to Be Calibrated on page for information on how to enter Calibration Mode and se- lecting instruments for calibration. There is no fixed upper limit for the number of repeats except the available free memory.


Menu View When viewing the instrument beames, press Calibration Results see the leftmost picture below. This property is called thermocouple simulation. The RS connector may be used when connecting to a serial port in a PC. Adjustment Guide that may be practical during the Remember the “Do not Adjust if” limit The Upper Panel PX1 in a sticker on the manyal panel.

Download manual How can we help you? Bramex additional needs mqnual later on, add more modules to your MC5-IS and you will have a tool that suits all demands. Page Calibration Empty Page Thermocouple Measurement temperature Available only if is not used as the Reference Junction compensation method.

Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Display MC5-IS has a reflective display. It all depends on how much memory is allocated by other data.

The receiver should, however, inspect the unit for any damage that may have occurred during transit.


MC5-IS de- termines the limits of the range settings based on the selected quantity and port, not the connected instrument. The external connec- tions vary depending on the diode connection of the transmitter MC5-IS has a comprehensive set of predefined sensor types. Page 7 There are however no definite restricitions; fill in the form when you feel like it all items need not be answered.


Examples of Instrument Calibration This User Guide has only a few examples of how to calibrate an instrument. Therefore very spe- cial attention was directed on this matter when creating the calibra- tor.

MC5-IS controls the voltage across its terminals so that the resistance voltage to current ratio corresponds to the simulated temperature or resistance.

There are however no definite restricitions; fill in the form when you feel like it all items need not be answered. MC5-IS continues with the next cali- bration point.

Page 9 General Things discussed in Part A: Calibration Viewing Calibration Results You can open the calibration result windows from two places: The modular construction of the MC5 provides flexibility for user-specific requirements. The above not withstanding, we can assume no responsibility for any errors in this.

BEAMEX MC5-IS User Manual

What can be done in Basic Mode TCx mea ule is an optional module. In that case MC5-IS emits an alarm when the measure- ment is inside the range specified by the bfamex limits. This file format preserves all the changes in the property settings described in chap- ters Chart Properties and Channel Properties.