22/03/ A bank v Federal Republic of Austria (Financial Market Authority) bankers (Kollektivvertrag für Angestellte der Banken und Bankiers) grants to. ECLI:AT:OGHOBAT banks and bankers ( Kollektivvertrag für Angestellte der Banken und Bankiers) grants. (Kollektivvertrag fuer Arbeiter im Eisen- und Metallverarbietenden Gewerbe), 1 January . Decision on the Minimum Wage for pdf As a rule, wages shall be paid in Turkish Liras at the business or deposited in a bank account.

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Decision of the Minimum Wage fixing Committee Last minimum kollektvivertrag update 1 January The adjustment of the minimum wage is effective as from the first day of the following month to the date of publication in the Official Gazette: Wages cannot be paid in promissory notes bondscoupons or any bill allegedly representing the currency of the country or in any other way.

Statutory minimum wage rates are set for different sectors see scope. Labour Act, Act No. Kollektivveryrag contact us if you have updated information. The provisions of this Law shall not apply for the below specified businesses and business relations; – Sea and air transport activities. Collective agreements may foresee specific rates for trainees.


General Agreement on a Minimum Wage of 1, Euro. Decision bsnken the Minimum Wage fixing Committee First. The Labour Act regulates the working conditions and work-related rights and obligations of employers and employees working under an employment contract subject to certain exceptions. Statutory minimum wage rates may be set either for the entire country or only for specific regions.

Statutory minimum wage levels differ according to the length of employment.

Additionally, minimum wage rates are determined in sectoral collective agreements. The minimum quorum is 10 members. Those employers or employer representatives who intentionally fail to pay or incompletely pay the minimum wage established by the Minimum Wage Determination Committee, are fined for one hundred million Turkish Liras for each such worker.


This Law regulates all labour relations based on a labour kollekivvertrag, with certain exceptions, and therefore shall apply for all businesses, employers and employer representatives and workers of these businesses, regardless of their subjects of activity. The Collective Agreement for Workers in the Iron- and Metalworking Industry provides that piece-rates are to be determined in a way that the average qualified workers working at normal speed can earn the wage of his respective wage group.

The legislation provides lower rates of minimum wages for workers under 16 years old. The provisions of the Act concerning minimum wages apply to all employees regardless of whether they come within the scope of the Labour Act. The minimum wage adjustments applies nationwide. Collective agreements determine the occupations that they are intended to cover. Decision of the Minimum Wage fixing Committee Justification of the adjustment.

Minimum statutory wage rates currently July exist for the following sectors: Extensions have only been applied in Austria in for very limited occupations. Collective agreements bind all employers who are members of the signatory organisation and apply to all workers employed by them, both unionised and non-unionised.

The economic condition of the country shall be taken into account when fixing the minimum wage rates. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Collective agreements may apply nation-wide or determine a specific kollektivvertrg application. Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts.

The living conditions of workers shall be taken into account when fixing the minimum wage rates. The legislation provides that minimum wage rates are determined every two years.

Austria – Minimum Wages – 2011

Minimum wages set directly by tripartite negotiations A minimum wage rate may be determined by a specialized body – the Federal Arbitration Board – for groups of workers for whom a collective agreement cannot be agreed, 1 because no body capable of negotiating a collective agreement exists on the side of the employer, and 2 insofar as an arrangement about minimum salaries and minimum amounts for compensating expenses has not been achieved by declaring a collective agreement statutory.


Level Minimum wage level s in kollektivvertrav currency since 1 January The government has set minimum wages for certain sectors. Decision of the Minimum Wage fixing Committee Collective agreements dominate the wage setting.

The Board consists of one chairperson and at least 2 representatives each of the employees and employers.


It is the duty of officials of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to ensure that all provisions of the Labour Act and any other labour legislation governing working conditions are complied with. As a rule, wages shall be paid in Turkish Liras at the business or deposited in a bank account opened specially. Fines for infringements of the Collective Labour Kollejtivvertrag Act are set at a maximum of 2, euro.

Statutory minimum wage rates may stipulate different minimum wages for different types of work within a sector; e. The Decision of the Minimum Wage fixing Committee provides the adjustments of the minimum wage rates calculated per regular day of work. The life conditions of the workers shall be taken into account when fixing the minimum wage rates. Resmi Gazete,No. The longer the worker has worked in the same job, the higher the minimum wage will be.

We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version.

The monthly wage is calculated by multiplying the hourly wage by ,4.