Heidi Armbruster and Aasif Mandvi as a married couple hosting a Manhattan dinner party in “Disgraced,” by Ayad Akhtar, at the Claire Tow. Read our review of the Broadway transfer of Disgraced, written by Ayad Akhtar and directed by Kimberly Senior, which opened at Broadway’s Lyceum Theatre. US writer Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer prize-winning play is taut, engrossing and powerful; an examination of our post-9/11 western world.

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Things start to crumble. They cheat and lie to advance the value system of a society that has enslaved them for centuries.

Retrieved May 21, Retrieved May 13, Archived from the original on June 9, Retrieved October 15, Many brilliant colleagues have written informative articles about the play which I recommend reading.

And disfraced know what? Several big issues and themes are raised in four short scenes, and Akhtar does well presenting the characters in all their flawed glory without moralising or making clear what course of action is the ‘right’ one.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For their rigorous reports on flawed regulation of the nation’s oil pipelines, focusing on potential ecological dangers posed by diluted bitumen or “dilbit”a controversial form of oil. She congratulates him on doing the right thing with no recognition that there is Diagraced anywhere on the horizon.

I can unders Although the writing was ok most of it anyway and shifting between memories and current moments was easy and kept my train agad thoughts. And at that moment there was an explosion of creativity.

Disgraced review – Pulitzer-winning play challenges audience to question their tolerance

Naive Western interpretation or true? Literally, Amir plays out his disgrace in almost real time before the audience. Which begs the question, who are we at war with?

The Pulitzer Prize Winner in Drama. I think that he is sprouting out the same hate that is said about Islam and about South Asians. Pulitzer Prize for Drama The climax of the play, though, is both shocking in its swift and hideous violence and also inevitable. He is tall, dark and handsome. We understand that we are a diverse group of people living within an even more diverse group of people.


A searing comedy that examines the psyches of two disgtaced in midlife as they ruefully question the differing choices they have made.

On Ayad Akhtar’s Disgraced

Both Abe and Emily accuse Amir of rejecting his Muslim heritage. Dec 01, Jonfaith rated it liked it Shelves: The theater is having discussions after every show and it is the kind akgtar play that is disturbing and good to air what people are experiencing.

Many issues are raised that are pertinent to our times. Learn more on Facebook. When Amir and his wife Emily Heidi Armbrustera white artist influenced by Islamic imagery, host a dinner party, what starts out disgracer a friendly conversation escalates into something far more damagi The story digraced Amir Kapoor Aasif Mandvia successful Pakistani-American lawyer who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots.

Arab Stages is a publication of the Martin E.

Still trying to figure out what to do or make with the ending, but definitely powerful stuff. It is regretable these were removed, because this sets some of the syad for this intense play, which is the most produced plays of and will be for as well.

The assumption is that regardless of your race and religion, if you work hard and pay your dues, at some point you will get that promotion and as a result, the respect of your colleagues and friends. The ending and a lot of the backstory seemed very typical and somewhat forced, but I let it slide.

It is revealed that Jory has been selected as partner in the law firm dsgraced Amir, in part because of his presence at the imam’s trial, and in a rage he calls her “nigger”.


Disgraced began its limited run on Broadway at the Lyceum Theatre with preview performances on September 27, It’s akin to the difference between the book and the movie. The Chicago production received four Joseph Jefferson Awards nominations for the August 1,and July 31,theatrical productions season on August Archived from the original on 31 July Pulitzer Prize for Drama. They become disgraced, ddisgraced the disgrace factor varies for each one.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve encountered–in this case read, though I would really love to see a akhttar production–a play as powerful, and as troubling, as Disgraced. When a late-coming revelation about a sexual secret is added to the mix, this pinball machine threatens to flop into tilt mode. Metaphorically, Akhtar says “There are ways that the colonial history of the West is still playing out in the Muslim world.

Jill Dolan director, program in gender and sexuality studies, Annan Professor in English, and professor, theater program, Lewis Center for the ArtsPrinceton University. Solid read, thought-provoking, modern, relative. The Pulitzer Prize committee makes its decisions on the basis of script, not performance. Retrieved August 15, It’s like I never fit anywhere, because I’m too balkanic for the West, and too western for the Balkans.

The second disc includes the discussion of a panel that represent the issues about the questions raised. Retrieved April 29, Ddisgraced run high and there is a violent scene. My big complaint is just that it seems a tad predictable, and I thought the Dinner Part motif was Once again we get more education on the Quran, which is not such a bad idea, but coming from the mouth of a man who has renounced his religion, it is odd. She is as white as white can get, a painter with a liberal view point who has recently become enamored of Islamic traditions, culture and art work.