source: Function_thtml. The additional_parameters parameter can be used to pass an. List of free PHP web hosting service without ad(bannerless with no forced ad). Free Web Hosting (NO ADS) with PHP, MySQL for domains / subdomains. Including latest CPanel, Fantastico, unlimited FTP, POP3 / Imap EMails, Addon/.

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I myself verified all the accusations pointed out in http: I must Admit, The members ther are Top Scholars from the web. At that point other Mods and admins of the forum asked this guy “OpaQue’ to “keep his mouth shut or face asstahost total disaster”. BTW, this calculation doesn’t factor in the space and bandwitdth that astahost.

I dont know what they did not like. The company has even admitted that they only make you post so it’ll seem like an active forum. There has only been two incidents of downtime while I have been there: How to display a “wait” page while php busy?

I love this host although today i just get some billing message when trying to visit there main page. There still is at least one good Mod there, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have much of a control. Else, you are requested to adtahost to Trap AstaHost is a solid host, and the only better hosting alternative is paid, if you can not be bothered to post.

Go for this if you can live with the worst quality, and if speed is not an issue. I noticed it is not getting very high ratings here, but it really is the best free host I have found so far, and before I signed up there, I came to this freewebhosts site and picked out 5 or 6 that had gotten the better reviews, but there was always something that soured it for me.

  GUV 8700 PDF

What they offer is good. You got to be active at the asahost and they ignore spam messages. I’ve tried with javascript DOM to make a layer visible or not, but that is made only when all is finished, not while the php code is running! They are the least relieble server i had ever seen. Jose Vega 7, 6 34 Suppose particular value is 0.

How to display a “wait” page while php busy ?

Not Applicable Twitter Count Tweets: But what they demand is high. They were bouncing because they had no from address.

First you have to make 50 posts in few of their forums. I on the other hand, can not withstand being called gay and being cursed. This post-to-host hosting offers lots of nice features, but does not accept non-English webpages. The best part is, all the webhosting is automated.

I’ll never ever go back to this forum. You can install CGI telnet on your hosted site at astahost and do it for yourself. No raw deals and no nonsense. This one gives you hosting at a very small hpp.

AstaHost free web hosting review

Join them if you want no headache for rest of your life. There is a simpler php solution that I use astabost see if the page is processing as it should.

Quite a few reviews here are complaining that whoever asked for explaination from astahost’s admin got banned right away. As for the rumors below, I can’t say much. Control panel is excellent – anyone should consider hosting here just to see the wonderful control panel for once. And they are a part of Xisto Corporation, so they won’t go down easily Is the free web host fast or slow? Definitely my number 1 choice for freewebhosting. Creattica is an online inspiration gallery showcasing the best web design, logo design, print design, photography, and artwork from around the web.


Sign up using Email and Password. Very fast servers and i will recommend this host to everyone!

They are dedicated for making a forum. I am already hosted on this and you only need 50 posts to get quality hosting. For the 2nd hosting package, you actually get MB space, not MB. I’ve find it, it works well now. I have been hosted on astahost for some time now, within a few days after posting I was approached by Nils to be a moderator of a few subfora, and soon there after I applied for hosting, received it and became forum moderator.

For a more generalized answer, if you take a look at the documentation on PHP’s image support you’ll see lots of methods relevant to you: Your source for design inspiration – creattica. No plagarizing and no junk posts permitted. Very fast and reliable and the Cpanel is absolutely incredible. Each time this function is called, it forces the previous content to output to display.

Check their website, all over the place they give you the impression that they are some big company with their own server, running in well air conditioned rooms, with dedicated 24 hour security. Whoever designed their website should also be admired.