AS was developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) with maintenance organisations in mind. The standard covers key areas and. AS is a standard that defines the requirements for a quality management system (QMS) for organizations whose primary business is providing maintenance. Formally titled “AS Quality Maintenance Systems – Aerospace – Requirements for Maintenance Organizations,” the standard was published January

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Who is AS relevant to? Products designed for use in the aerospace industry are intended for use which extends into decades. Case Studies Standdard helped thousands of organizations from a wide range of sectors to improve their management systems and business performance with certification.

Though a number of those changes were neccessiated by a change in the base standard, ISO Annex SL is the standard that defines the new high level structure for all ISO management systems standards. Proven business credentials Independent verification against a globally recognized industry standard speaks volumes.

Please note that you must be able to demonstrate that your management system has been fully operational for a minimum of three months and has been subject to a management review and full cycle of internal audits. We work with many large and small organizations to ensure that information is managed through a risk based approach management system.

Sectors Automotive We are one of the leading automotive sector certification bodies for IATF in China and have global experience across the automotive supply chain. Transfer To Us Not all certification bodies are the same – at NQA we believe our clients deserve value for money and great service.


All of the AS series of standards underwent significant change in late Improve the perception of your organization with staff, customers and suppliers.

BSI achieves Aerospace AS accreditation | BSI Group

Most airspace products are designed to work for 50 years and moreso proper maintenance is crucial for the safety of the operation. This assessment consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Qs9110 Audit. Videos We are privileged to have worked with well respected businesses and technical experts to bring you case studies and as99110 updates via video, we hope you find them informative.

For civil engineering contractor, BAM Nuttall, collaborative working is nothing new. Certification Process The process for management systems certification is straightforward and consistent for ISO management systems standards.

Events Make sure you visit us across the country at leading Quality, Health, Safety and Environment events.

You can do this by completing either the online quick quote or the online formal quote request form. Following the structure of ISO Environmental Management System The proven way to improve environmental impacts, energy efficiency and sustainability.

AS Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the Aircraft Industry

Give us a call on or email enquiries lrqa. Following a successful two stage audit, a certification decision is made and if positive, then certification to the required standard is issued by NQA. What is a gap analysis? Read our Standarc policy Cookie Information This site uses cookies.

It will also provide access to the best practices of the aerospace industry. Need to know more? Demonstrate best practice across the industry with IATF certification.

This standard includes ISO Check out our glossary of terms. The standard covers key areas and focuses on the control of plans, repair and maintenance plans and configuration management.


LR UK [ Change ].

AS9110 certification – Aerospace maintenance and repair

AS is for companies that maintain and repair aerospace vehicles for the commercial or military sectors or those that manufacture aircraft parts under Federal Aviation Administration – Stqndard Manufacturer Approval FAA PMA regulations. Certification is recognized internationally and accepted throughout industry supply chains, setting industry benchmarks for sourcing suppliers.

What Do We Do? Regular updates on aas9110, events and best practice for quality, aerospace, safety, energy and environmental practitioners. Improved stakeholder relationships Improve the perception of your organization with staff, customers and suppliers. For this reason, a robust maintenance policy is required to ensure these products remain safe and operational.

What’s new with AS AS provides a framework for organizations to leave this reactive approach behind and establish an effective QMS. We provide accredited certification, training and support services to help you improve processes, performance and products and services.

AS is the standard for repair stations and is based on AS but adds specific requirements that are critical for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts. FAA certified repair stations are prime candidates to seek certification under AS AS certification – Aerospace maintenance and repair Products designed for use in the aerospace industry are intended for use which extends into decades.

What is AS certification?