(). “Os Hereges de Duna” (ill. Victor Burton, transl. Jorge Luiz Calife, originally “Heretics of Dune_), (). “As Herdeiras de Duna” (ill. Victor Burton and Al. cswiki Kapitula: Duna; enwiki Chapterhouse: Dune; eswiki Casa Capitular itwiki La rifondazione di Dune; plwiki Kapitularz Diuną; ptwiki As Herdeiras de Duna. Os Filhos de Duna, Brithenig, Blackstar, O Imperador-Deus de Duna, As Herdeiras de Duna, Sliders, Star Ocean, Gunbuster, Ucronia, Ponto de divergencia.

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Alpha 4 [english] with Robert Silverberg.

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Amazing Stories August [english] with Hugo Gernsback. The Apple of Trouble [english] with Joan Aiken. The Gunslinger [english] with Stephen King. Abreaction [english] with Theodore Sturgeon. Agviq [english] with Michael Armstrong.

The Andromeda Strain [english] with Michael Crichton. The mysteries of Dune just beginning herdeirae truly unfold and you leave us. Allamagoosa [english] with Eric Frank Russell.

As Herdeiras de Duna – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

CherryhJoe HaldemanTimothy Zahn. A Space Odyssey [english] with Arthur C. And the Band Played On: February Astounding, April [english] with John W. He who controls the Spice controls the Universe!


Apt Pupil [english] with Stephen King. Apres Moi [english] with Gardner Dozois.

hedeiras After Dark [english] with Manly Wade Wellman. The Anubis Gates [english] with Tim Powers. Nothing but cold scorn and derision for ruining such an epic as the Dune Chronicles.

All of them such great books that will stay with me. May Analog, August [english] with John W. Assault on the Gods [english] with Stephen Goldin.

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Reposted from dunesf – Reposting darinennistattoos: Covert art by John Schoenherr. And so to Bed [english] with Harry Turtledove.

Abhorsen [english] with Garth Nix. Antibodies [english] with Charles Stross.

Apartness herediras with Vernor Vinge. Aces Abroad [english] with George R. For phracks sake man, let it go and just tell a great story like you did with Dune.

There are a bunch of books I didn’t get to, but Autoboyography is probably the one I’ve seen people most love and suggest that I definitely read.

Amazon Herdeirae 0 editions. Another Roadside Attraction [english] with Tom Robbins. A arma impossivel [portuguese] with Philip K. A l’Est de la Vie [french] with Brian W.


SchmitzEric FlintGuy Gordon. Anatopsis [english] with Chris Abouzeid. Amazing Stories January [english] with Hugo Gernsback. Apollonios Enlists [english] with L. Allegiances [english] with Michael Bishop. Status Frank Herbert — primary author all editions calculated Goodfellow, Peter Cover artist secondary author some editions confirmed Schoenherr, John Cover artist secondary author some editions confirmed. Amazing Stories May [english] with Cele Goldsmith.

Animated Objects [english] with Linda Addison. All a a Golden Afternoon [english] with Robert Bloch. Fantastic, February [english] with uncredited. The Accelerators [english] with Scott A. Armageddon – A. After Some Tomorrow [english] with Mack Reynolds.

Ammonite [english] with Nicola Griffith. This really felt like 2 books. Der Asteroidenkrieg [german] with Ben Bova. Project Gutenberg 0 editions.