Comedogenic, Irritating, Source. 0, 1, Sage Advice. Lipophilic Emulsifier. To re- distribute content in any form, provide credit to CosDNA and. Arlacel 60 DMF, CEP, Written Confirmations, FDF, Prices, Patents, Patents & Exclusivities, Dossier, Manufacturer, Licensing, Distributer, Suppliers, News. ARLACEL 60 Add to Bookmark○; CAS No.: ; Formula: C24H46O6; Molecular Weight: ; Synonyms: Span(rg 60; (Sorbitan Monostearate);.

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It is part of a broad ralacel of ester materials including sorbitan esters, mono and diglycerides, and polyoxyethylene sorbitol esters. This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. These nonionic surfactants can function as emulsifiers, detergents, spreading or dispersing agents.

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It results from the reaction of stearic acid with sorbitol and is, therefore, synthetically produced from naturally derived materials. This grade appears as a tan solid, and it has an HLB value of 4. We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language.


Span™ 60 by Croda Inc. – Personal Care & Cosmetics

Widely used in Personal Care and approved natural by Ecocert. It is a nonionic, oil-dispersible surface-active agent. Uses sorbitan stearate is an emulsifier for water-in-oil creams and lotions, and a solubilizer of essential oils in water. It is used as a gloss enhancer in chocolate coatings; as a dispersant aid in coffee whiteners; to increase volume in cakes and icings; and often in combination with polysorbates.

Shenzhen Sendi Biotechnology Co. The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider. Where to Buy Croda Inc. Chemson Industrial Shanghai Co.

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Arlacel 60

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Uses Sorbitan Monostearate Span 60 is a lipophilic emulsifier that is a sorbitan fatty acid ester, being a sorbitol-derived analog of glycerol monostearate.

Meryer Shanghai Chemical Technology Co. Company Croda is a leading innovator and supplier of specialty raw materials for Personal Care and Cosmetics.


Arlacel 60 | Cosmetics ingredient

Retailer Compliance No retailer information is available at this time. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above. Span 60 Properties Melting point: Typical usage level ranges from 0. Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.

Arlacel 60

Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes. Croda is a leading innovator and supplier of specialty raw materials for Personal Care and Cosmetics. It is also used as a rehydration aid production of active dry yeast and as synthetic flavoring substances and adjuvants. However, UL assumes no responsibility arlacle liability for the accuracy of the information contained on this website and strongly encourages that upon final product or material selection information is validated with the manufacturer.

Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? Safety Profile Very mildly toxic by ingestion.