Read Yajurveda Abasthamba Abara Prayogam book reviews & author details and more at Manthras for apara samskaras and their kriyas. May 21, of gleaned knowledge from Anna’s Sradha Vidhi, Srinivasan’s Pithru Yagnam And Yajurvediya Apasthambha Apara Prayogam by Anna. Jan 19, 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam > 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for > the R^ig vedins.

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He represents the Vishnu who is requested to protect the Sradha. Then aparx Pracheenavithi introduce ourselves by saying Abhivadaye and pray the blessings of the Brahmins to be able to complete the Sradha properly.

The following are the common rituals. Then the major and minor spoons made of wood or leaves of Pales tree should be shown to the fire. Then we have to offer Namaskarams to all these three two Brahmins after circling them three apar. In that place start a fire by bringing a fire either by camphor or if there is a stove with fire woodby bringing an ember from there.

Rules and Rituals of Brahmins: Sradha Rituals

Then we have to give one cloth to tie, one cloth to cover the upper partsacred thread, little sandal paste to decorate themselves to the Brahmins and then again sandal paste for worship and flower Thulasi to decorate.

It is believed that when our manes reach the land of the manes Pithru Lokaour one year is one day for them. There are various ways of doing this depending on family custom. When we mention the time like Thithi day season etc we should wear the sacred thread normally and the later part with Pracheenavithi. In most of the families there would not be any Brahmin representing the Vishnu But while serving food a leaf is put for Vishnu and food is served on it.

After this Homa is done. He should put it in a cup place before God and salute the God.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

Then pour a drop of water aparra request another priest to represent the pithrus and give him seat by offering him a Durbha. Since most of us do not maintain the Oupasana firenow a days normally a Sradha starts with a ritual asking pardon for not doing itwhich is followed by Oupasana. Then we should pour little water in a line and spread in a line starting from south to North the remaining rice after making Pinda.


Next ceremony is Pinda Dhana.

This compilation gives the rituals that have to be performed on the Sradha day. You have to spread Durbha in the north of the fire and over them upturn all Homa vessels Each of these vessels including spoons of Palasa leaf should be cleaned by the pavithra made of two Durbha grasses.

Nowadays the priests because they will not be able to come the next daymake us do the Paraheni Tharpana immediately after the Sradha. The Kartha should put the Uthariya upper cloth over his shoulders so that the akshatha falls in them. Rituals on the Sradha pprayogam The rituals to be performed on day of annual death ceremony. We should then request our ancestors who have been cremated prayoham fire or buried to accept the Pinda and be happy. Pinda means rice balls.

Prayofam have to sprinkle orayogam water on ourselves and then on our wife and other family members assembled there. Prahogam water first on the left side, the opposite side, the right side and once all round the fire. Pour a drop of water in the hands of the Brahmin who has been chosen to represent the Viswe devas, and request him to take his Asana seat by giving him a Dharbha The elder priest should be made to represent the Viswe deva.

This consists of pouring ghee as well as keeping Samith on the fire by the chant of several mantras.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam

After Oupasanado Abhivadaye, remove the pavithra Note: Then the Brahmins who are Bhokthas as well as the priest bless us and our family by throwing Akshathai at us.

Then we should give Arghya to Vishnu with pure water.

We should pray to Pithrus that they should get satisfaction by the Pinda offered by us. Then one should spread Durba grass to the south of the Homa fire and keep two small brass.

The number of times the rice has to be kept, the number of times ghee has to be poured depends on the rules aparq the Gothra.

Online Purohiths March 8, at 7: Melt some ghee in some other fire pour it in the prayoga, meant for ghee, keep the pavithra, put fire on the north side, keep the ghee near it, dip the tip of the Durbha in the gheelight it in fire and after circling the fire throw it on the northern side. Touch the vessels for Homa fire sacrifice by the pavithra and turn the cup for storing water, keep the pavithra in it, put some Akshathai dried raw ricefill it up with water, clean it thrice with apaara pavithra and keep that vessel on the right side.


This was replaced by fire from the Kitchen stow and nowadaysCamphor is lit to make the agni. The place for Homa should be cleaned up and like tilling the land we have to draw lines on the floor and the fire prsyogam be installed.

For married man, this fire is Oupasanagni. Care should be taken that at no point of time the water used for washing rpayogam feet of Viswedevas and pithrus should mix. We are only attempting to offer food and water to them every day.

Only family custom should be followed.

We have to first put Durbha to denote our seat and then add Durbha along with pavithra and do Sankalpa along with wife to do the Oupasana.

Then the other two. We should put the dust of their prayoam caught in the upper cloth on our head. Get more information contact us.

This has to be done again for the Boktha representing the Pithrus. If he does it wrongly, the sin goes to him and not to us. The honoring of Viswedevas as above should be prwyogam with Upaveethi and to Pithrus with Pracheenavithi.

Till this point you were not prahogam Sradha but do amend for Oupasana that you ought to have done and then do Oupasana and these do not require the two Brahmins representing the Pithrus and Viswedevas. Then all the clan family members present apra do three pradakshinams to the Brahmins and do Namaskarams to them. Then we have to do Aachamana twice after keeping the Pavithra in the ears and after putting the Pavithra again and putting the Sacred thread on right shoulder keep the Durbha from north to apar in between the leaves of the Viswedevas and Pithrus ,keep the pinda on it and sprinkle Gingelly mixed with water on the Pinda.

This sprinkling is done in the opposite way. Then we have to sit before the leaf of the Brahminfold our left leg and do the necessary rituals inviting him to eat the food like abhihara. And sprinkle the water on self and then on the wife.