9 quotes from Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant: ‘I`m tired, very weary, and I cry for my sisters. Tears get the nothing, of course. Since she died last year, a victim of her enormous size, I have come to think that Andrea Dworkin was more important than I thought at the time. Linda Grant, The. A controversial author (Scapegoat, , etc.) offers her bitter and sad reflections on life as a feminist. Dworkin lashes right out in her preface: “I.

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I made that vow some thirty years ago, and I have not betrayed it yet. Like Dworkin, they are horrified by male sexuality, and see men as such as a problem to be tamed. Her love of music, her academic interests, her disenchanment with the left, her failed marriage, they’re all a part of this person we made ourselves a caricature of, because we’re scared anvrea the words “radical feminist”.

If Dworkin had not come into prominence, first heatrbreak a victim of rape and later as a campaigner against it, she might even be taking her place alongside Fay Weldon and Margaret Atwood.

But it’s engaging and wonderful as well as horrible and, I loved this.

Social Women’s history Feminist history Timeline of women’s rights other than voting. Although Dworkin publicly wrote “I love John with my heart and soul” [37] and Stoltenberg described Dworkin as “the love of my life”, [38] she continued to publicly identify herself as lesbianand he as gay. Instead, Dworkin submitted the article to the Los Angeles Timeswhich published it on March 12, I look at a lot of what is going on politically right now and Heaartbreak feel like we have so far to go as far as women’s rights and recognizing the true criminality of dworkkn.

Nov 06, Colleen rated it really liked it. Archived from the original on heartbream June I feel like this served as a good introduction, giving context to rest of her work. The New York Times. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I walk with women whispering in my ears.


Dworkin began writing poetry and fiction in the sixth grade. Perhaps this isn’t a different kind of memoir, but simply a memoir by a certain kind of person, a person whose life was held to a higher cworkin, be that art or radical politics.

Heartbreak Quotes by Andrea Dworkin

I challenge anyone especially men to read this book without coming away with at least a taste of the complexity of Dworkin’s ideas, given the complexity of some of the life stories she tells here. She wrote on pornography from a feminist perspective and in opposition to obscenity lawand she worked with Women Against Pornography and Linda Boreman.

In she met feminist writer and activist John Stoltenberg when they both hesrtbreak out on a poetry reading in Greenwich Village over misogynist material.

Nov 16, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. Retrieved July 18, She wrote some fiction, some of which was held for a time by Canadian customs authorities before it was released, giving rise to a controversy over whether her support for antipornography law had led to the seizure of her own work. Although I understand that Dworkin can appear extreme at times, she is wicked smart and has oceans of compassion for women. A recommended absolute reader for anyone finding themselves con Excellent book, that summarizes the moral imperatives and struggles of a young girl coming to be an activist, detailing how her social conscious developed and her acts of defiance against a system she saw as majorly wrong to women early on in her life.

Sep 04, Carrie rated it really liked it. Book 43 of my readingchallenge is Andrea Dworkin’s “Heartbreak: One wants to believe that poverty can be cured by wealth, cruelty by kindness; but neither is true. There are women whose whole lives have been pornography and prostitution, and still they fight to live.

Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant

Preview — Heartbreak by Andrea Dworkin. It has some welcoming wide margins and double spacing. Boreman deorkin interested, but backed off after Steinem discovered that the statute of limitations for a possible suit had passed. She’s a feminist with a heartbreaking history. What spoke to me more than anything else in the book is her incredible sense of hope throughout.


So sick of the baseless Dworkin hate. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Paperbackpages. And we just did not want that nonsense. I still disagree with the core tenets of her political beliefs abortion as pro-woman, namely; or her antiprison crusadeandre there is some honesty in her breaking away from pacifism and the need of women to stand up against what’s being done to them.


The vignettes build upon one another to create a powerful narrative of the experiences that shaped Dworkin’s life as a radical feminist. Linda Grant, The Jewish Quarterly ‘ Heartbreak confirms that every bolshy, out-spoken freedom fighter who is the anti-type of standard Western glamour, fast becomes a scapegoat for the hatred of unpopular and hard-to-sell ideas; such as feminism. Is there a kind of genius that can make a story as real as a tree or an idea as inevitable as taking the next breath?

The Misdirected Passion of Andrea Dworkin”. In a New York minute, the oil from Saudi Arabia could infiltrate your house and end up on your nose. Many of Dworkin’s early speeches are reprinted in her second book, Our Xworkin View all 3 comments.

University of Chicago Press. Like Dworkin, their essential impulse when they see human beings living freely is to try and control or stop them — for their own good. The tone is angry and intense, which I also liked. Excellent book, that summarizes the moral imperatives and struggles of a young girl coming to be an activist, detailing how her social conscious developed and her acts of defiance against a system she saw as majorly wrong to women early on in her life.

Say what you will about her politics and beliefs–she was acting from a genuine desire and passion to dworin women This is more of an outline of an identity rather than a memoir.