This morning, I thought of M. de Laclos’s charming novel for the first time in years, Dangerous Liaisons by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (Part Four), 10, 50 Las Amistades Peligrosas, 2: Coleccion De Cartas Recopiladas En Una Sociedad. Pierre Choderlos De Laclos. Planeta, – pages Las Amistades peligrosas, 3: coleccion de cartas recopiladas en una sociedad · Choderlos de Laclos. Las amistades peligrosas by Choderlos de Laclos at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace View all copies of Las amistades peligrosas from £ Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Francia.

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The president will not survive this breakup. There are no happy endings here, except maybe for me. Think 84, Charing Cross Road or Clarissa.

She presents a front of kindness and virtue as she distills a stronger venom than any man, who’s social position would never be endangered by their libertine daliances. Sex and power, twisted love and betrayal: You have my blessing!!

So they play dangerous games for entertainment, imposing challenges to each other, seducing young virgins, making adulteress out of prude virtuous women, taking revenge of formers lovers ruining their reputation View all 5 comments. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways amixtades order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. It seems to me pierrw Laclos’ work has a real modern relevance.

Peliyrosas protagonist “Marquise de Merteuil” can’t be any more wretched and brilliant at the same time. If you play in the highest league of society, every secret you share is a potential liability, and that is just as true now as it was in the 18th century.

I cannot love you back, and you know that!

View all 10 comments. Monsieur de Laclos masters the style, creating two hero-villain characters whom, although monsters without scruples, one can’t help to admire. It has inspired a large number of critical and analytic commentaries, plays, and films.


I was tempted to abandon it, but I persisted and am glad, for–although this epistolary novel of the last days of the ancien regime initially appears to be stylish but superficial–it soon grows in both subtlety and power. B The cunning and despicable characters are so dubious and evil that I was full of hatred while reading. I would love …more By the end of the story, anistades of the letters are meaningless.

Definitely one of my top favourite books of all time! The letters of the wicked are elegant, the letters of the good are instructive, but the letters of the naive and innocent are by necessity simple and ingenuous, and their lack of awareness both taxes the patience and dissipates the interest of the reader, all the more so because they aggravate his sympathies and frustrate his moral impulses at the same time.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I bought this Folio Society edition—crushed carmine silk over boards— some years ago to commemorate past readings and carry me through future ones. Toss both these sorts of people together into a restricti I wonder, if I had read this book when I was 21 instead of 31, would I have saved myself a good deal of grief concerning relationships?

The evil, jealous Marquise de Merteuil challenges her lover, the Vicomte de Valmont, to break up with a virtuous lady he has seduced as part of a cruel entertainment. Typically, I try to avoid books with unhappy and tragic endings. Both she and Valmont are equally cruel, equally decadent, equal libertines, equally in love with themselves, they share the same principles and ideas, the same cynicism, etc.

Les Liaisons dangereuses

Their correspondance is delightfully twisted and it is a guilty pleasure to read those letters and laugh as they recall the sordid affairs they were both involved peligrosass in the past, but this cold and calculating behaviour has its roots in the constraining social structure that they must live in. Let her believe in virtue, and sacrifice it to me; let the idea of falling terrify her, without preventing her fall; and may she, shaken by choderlis thousand terrors, forget them, vanquish them only in my arms.


The marquee of Me Dangerous Liaisons is a novel presented in epistolary form, entirely composed of one hundred and seventy five letters. Happiness is in the couple, in the search for harmony in love. Now I just don’t choderoos my knowledge of this ajistades on the two movie adaptations. Both she and Valmont are self-centred and often heartless, uninterested in anything but their pleasure and the amusement of their games and outwitting everyone for entertainment, regardless of who they may hurt.

In my opinion, it’s incredible that a novel written more than years pelitrosas, might still stir deep emotions in those who can invest a moment of their time to think about the possible reasons that led a man like M. Intrigue, sex, betrayal – it is a gripping story told in the margins between the written word and the gaps between the letters.

Las amistades peligrosas – Pierre Choderlos De Laclos – Google Books

She makes precisely this point. I have to admit that I thought of dropping this book when we were halfway but she said that she would peligeosas on and so I just continued. Without a doubt, external, societal judgment is still evident. What is this I hear! It is then for Valmont to carry out his conquest of the president, which he likes.

Buscando a las Musas Perdidas: “Relaciones peligrosas”, novela de Choderlos de Laclos

Just look at Valmont. Read more Read less. I’m quite satisfied that the characters got what they deserved.