Alstonia boonei De wild is a major spice crop grown abundantly in Ghana and other tropical countries. In this study we have carried out phytochemical analysis . PDF | Folkloric use of root-bark extract of Alstonia boonei in the treatment and management of many disease conditions may be associated with. English alstonia; timber trade — pattern wood, stoolwood. French emien (timber trade, from Ivory Coast vernacular). SENEGAL: BANYUN ti keung (K&A) DIOLA.

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In this study, the phytochemical and antimicrobial activity of extract fractions of A. Its common name in the English timber trade is cheese woodpattern wood or stool wood see Ashanti Empire golden stool while its common name in the French timber trade is emien derived from the vernacular of the Ivory Coast. Free radical scavenging activity of crude precipitate, fractions, and compound 1 in comparison with ascorbic acid.

It is boiled and the concoction taken in the treatment of fevers, especially in children[ Title The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Assuming an ideal gas behaviour booneii CO2, then:.

booni Both extracts showed appreciable antimicrobial activity against some of the strains tested. Graphical presentations of the percentage inhibitions of DPPH radical by the extract, crude precipitate, compound 1and fractions from Alstonia boonei are as shown in Figure 1 compared with ascorbic acid.

Further evaluation showed A.

Alstonia boonei (PROTA) – PlantUse English

One part dissolves in 88 parts of methanol, alcohol 35 boiling alcoholether, and chloroform, carbon disulfide. Several new crop species were identified with potentially useful compounds. Autonomic pharmacology of echitamine, an alkaloid from Alstonia boonei De Wild.


The sea bottom-based system with large caissons can be realized by the present civil engineering, but the construction of the caissons, stability against earthquake and resistance to waves may be problems to be solved.

It forms needle-like crystals from pet. Alstonia boonei wood tangential face. The bark is also used as an anthelmintic. We have produced transgenic Arabidopsis and tobacco plants with increased expression of the formate dehydrogenase enzyme to initiate further studies.

Alstonia boonei | Indigenous Knowledge on Forest Foods & Medicinal Plants in Ghana

In much of the older literature concerning West Africa, the name Alstonia congensis has been erroneously used for Alstonia boonei. The electric power demand will have a peak in day time and low consumption in night time, while the power demand of the LNG plant is almost constant due to its nature.

In conclusion, plants are recognized as masters of the art of redox alsstonia that use oxidants and antioxidants as flexible integrators of akstonia from metabolism and the environment. Its structure is as shown in Scheme 5. Alstonia boonei De Wild belongs to the family Apocynaceae.

Alstonia boonei

A plant control device comprises aalstonia intellectual instrumentation group for measuring a predetermined process amount, an intellectual equipment group operating in accordance with a self-countermeasure, a system information space for outputting system information, a system level monitoring and diagnosing information generalization section for outputting system information, a system level maintenance information generalization section for outputting information concerning maintenance, a plant level information space and a plant level information generalization section.

The MIC was defined as the lowest concentration that completely inhibited the growth of microorganisms for 24 hours. It has been boonwi that plant volatiles may have similar importance in mediating interactions among plant species, but there are few well-documented examples of plant-to-plant communication via volatiles, and the ecological significance of such interactions has been much d The alsyonia 32 plant extracts were alsfonia toxic at dose tested.


The focus is on the technology of parabolic trough power plantsa proven technology for solar power generation on a large scale. The diameter of the zone of inhibition around each well was taken as a measure of antibacterial activity. Suitable plant species also help in quick reclamation of mined out areas; one practical difficulty for establishment of trees as green belts or reclamation purpose, has been incidence of cattle grazing.

Photochemical Analysis This was done using standard methods described by Habourne [ 8 ] and Trease and Evans [ 9 ]. Extract Of Alstonia Boonei De Inhibition of serine proteases by anti-inflammatory triterpenoids.

International Scholarly Research Notices

The latex has been used as birdlime and as an inferior alternative for rubber. Some consequences of clonality are considered from the point of view of genetic conservation and plant breeding.

Every garden center and hardware store sells fertilizer guaranteed to “feed” plants. For the initial growth, Ceiba pentandra and Ricinodendron heudelotii had the fastest growth. The review focuses initially on adaptations allowing plants to tolerate large Se concentrations in their boonie and the evolutionary origin of species that hyperaccumulate Se.

The MIC of the extracts was done using the agar well diffusion technique.

The wind is thus made suitable for higher outputs. Consequently, it should be treated as soon as possible after felling.