Aloka Co., Ltd., announced today its new ProSound Alpha 6, the next generation of compact color ultrasound systems. The ProSound Alpha 6 multi-purpose. high-end platforms, designed for hospitals. All of these benefit from our technological thought leadership. ProSound F75 Premier/CV. F F ProSound 6. The ProSound Alpha6 is powerful and versatile, yet compact and friendly. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. This system.

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Advertise Increase Your Brand Awareness. Alokka machine can be installed in a very small place. The system is packed with functions which are useful and easy to use. The switches can even be assigned to suit the department or user, and troublesome procedures can be reduced for faster examinations.

alha SCI reduces the speckles from the image and reduces the angle dependent artifacts. This 66 the optimum usage of all the features in the machine increasing the diagnostic strength. Display in Community Feed. Wave intensity is the new indicator of blood flow which is expected to help pave the way for analysis of the interference between the heart and the arterial system.


Older Newsletters Newsletter archive Newsletter archive Endo-cavity probe with end aperture of 9mm radius.

Forums Documents Parts Videos News. Frame Rate up function. This is prosund one touch switch which optimizes the brightness of B mode without any other intervention. DSD allows the user to get real time image and a slow motion image side by side.

It incorporates the benefits of the high end ProSound Alpha series and building on the ProSound technology strengths, it offers superior performance in one compact, easy-to-use, economic and environmental system. Please do not alphha this information for patient care. The conventional printer can be installed to get the direct printouts of the images and the reports directly from the machine. Spatio Temporal Image Co-relation.

ProSound Alpha6 : Healthcare : Hitachi

The machine meets the global standards for its performance. Fit and healthy with smart helpers. This system embodies our passion towards powerful, friendly, and comfortable examinations. The information you enter here will be sent directly to the recipient.

Medical Electronic Systems — diagnostic ultrasound; General Analytical Instruments — radiation measurement; and Clinical Laboratory Systems — specimen pre-processing. The lab visits the patient. Broadband Harmonics BbH – Provides high quality imaging using an expanded range of harmonic signals.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. Download product brochure here: Compound Pulse Wave Generator CPWG – The most advanced broadband beam-forming technology combined with high proosund image processing that allows for higher definition ultrasound imaging than ever before. It is the simultaneous display of B mode with flow and Doppler at the same time.


Read more in our Privacy Policy. Direct attachment of conventional computer printer. Contact us about our special offer probes today!

ProSound Platforms

Can change contrast, gain, measurement, and annotations in M mode after freeze. Wide variety of transducers available in a single machine. Extended Field of View.

Smooth examinations can be performed with pre registered protocol.

Aloka Prosound Alpha 6

It is used to display vasculature of fine blood vessels by accumulating the contrast echo information. The ProSound Alpha 6 is designed to be mobile and with reduced power consumption is economical and environmentally friendly. MoreGrasp – Gripping despite paraplegia? To rate or post a comment Log in or Register. Endo-cavity probes with degree field of view.